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Wines for Humanity raises funds for the prevention of homelessness for families with children.  Most often, these funds are given to LOCAL charities, which positively impacts the quality of the communities around our Hosts, Advisors and Guests.

Wines for Humanity donates between 9%-12.5% of the revenue from a Tasting and the Host can choose the non-profit of their choice.  Additional funds are raised through silent and live auctions at fundraising events where Wines for Humanity donates a Wine Tasting Experience.

In addition, Wines for Humanity also contributes a percentage of sales from online sales, club memberships and personalized/customized labels.

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Love is swirling through the air, and so is our Valentine’s Gift Pack! Order yours before February 4th and immerse yourself in a symphony of flavors with these delightful wines.

🍷 Duca Bortini Contese de Sedge: An elegant dance on your palate.

🍇 Cuvee St Vincent: A true masterpiece for connoisseurs of the finer things.

🍰 Golden Tango Cream: Indulge in a decadent dessert bottled up for sweet love.

🥂 Sparkling Raspberry: Let romance bubble over with this effervescent delight.

Ready to elevate your celebration? Reach out to your wine-savvy advisor – they’re Cupid in a suit! Or visit our website wine SHOP.

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