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Foundation of Health

Let’s start at the beginning-the very cells that make our body. Everything we do starts at the cell—and USANA is cell obsessed. Their top scientists share how they’ve spent over 30 years researching nutrition and health to develop InCelligence Technology. It’s this antioxidant system in CellSentials that makes it my go-to multivitamin that combines the best quality supplementation with cellular activation.

The CellSentials are so much more than your average multivitamin. Each daily dose provides essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, plus additional key plant nutrients. The exclusive InCelligence Complex, made using USANA’s patented USANA InCelligence Technology®, goes beyond nourishing the body. It also helps activate your body’s natural ability to respond to stress and keep your cells healthy.*

US Patent 10632101

We also have Prenatal vitamins, Usanimals for children and Body Rox for teens.

Shop for Foundation products for you and your family:

Optimize Your Health

Once you have your nutritional foundation with the CellSentials, USANA recognizes that everyone has specific nutritional needs, and those needs may change as you move from one stage of life to the next. For each person, a unique combination of age, sex, lifestyle, and other considerations requires a nutritional program that is both flexible and customized. Many of these products also use InCelligence Technology.

My personal favorites are:

Procosa for Joint Health

Hepasil for Liver Support and Detox

Proflavanol C100 or C200 for Healthy Skin, Immune Support and Circulation

Shop for Optimizers to support your own unique needs:

Active Nutrition

Active Nutrition focuses on the way your healthy body feels, rather than the way you look. You’ll feel the difference Active Nutrition makes in your body:

  • Digestive health
  • Regularity
  • Energy
  • Metabolism support
  • Weight management

See all the Active Nutrition products at

Pamper Yourself and Others with Celavive Skincare

The perfect gift for your favorite mom! And for yourself, too!

Celavive nourishes your skin’s natural processes that defend against visible aging with the Celavive Cell-Signaling Complex. USANA InCelligence Technology® uses targeted botanicals and bioactive peptides to support cellular communications that promote a beautiful, younger-looking appearance. By working with your skin cells, this powerful complex delivers results that are unique to your personalized beauty needs.

Check out all the Celavive products at

Perfect for a Pampering Spa Party!

So Much More!

Reduce Stress with our Mood & Relaxation products, including Pure Essential Oils:

Support your growing family with products for Moms and Kids:

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Questions? Let’s chat! I’m here to help you find the USANA products that work best for you and your family. Reach out to me for a free consultation.

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