My name is Tracey Mertens, and I have been in the beauty industry for over 25 years. I really enjoy working with other women and teaching them how to take care of their skin and to feel ok about treating themselves to a little “me” time once in a while. As a young mom I wish I would have taken more time for myself and not felt guilty about spending a little on myself once in a while because now I realize that you can’t be there for everyone if you don’t take care of yourself. Lesson learned!

I found Urban Retreat when the company I was with in January closed it’s doors and it was God’s way of saying I have something even better for you! My passion is being of service to others and this has been a rewarding way to do it helping other women feel better about themselves and also to achieve their goals by helping them start their own businesses.

Whether you are near or far, I offer consultation services, wedding services to get you and your bridal party ready for the big day, and fun workshops to teach application techniques with our products.

Why Urban Retreat?

#1 Clean Products- This is a company based in France and certified by European standards that bans over 1300 beauty ingredients when the US bans 11. We are the only direct sales company backed by 3rd party clinical trials, medical grade, and eco-friendly

#2 Recyclable and Biodegradable- All of our packaging is recyclable and our ingredients are biodegradable so you can pour any of our products down the drain and they will not harm the environment

#3 Opportunity- Free to enroll, no starter kit to purchase, free website, no inventory to buy, no quotas or minimums, 8 ways to earn, lucrative VIP Customer Rewards Program

I look forward to helping you with your needs in the areas of skin, hair, body, wellness, and cosmetics!



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