Hello, I am Wendy Frazer & I have sold Tupperware for over 25 years! Happy to help!

One of the reasons I’m passionate about selling Tupperware is that I like to encourage quality kitchen products that are reusable! Join the fight with me against single-use plasticware. Our water bottles are a great start!! I ALWAYS have one with me! As Moms, we need to get our kids in the kitchen helping. Tupperware products are fun to use and great for snacks on the go. It’s never too early to get them helping & be confident that Tupperware continues to make sure our Tupperware products are safe to use (obviously be careful w/ kids and the sharp tools)

Tupperware is always evolving! We have time-saving microwave products, we have pantry solutions, we have excellent cookware, everyone loves our food storage and utensils along with baking tools. Good Housekeeping did a study and our measuring cups/spoons are the most accurate out there. (so when you have grandma’s recipe, but it just doesn’t turn out right…may be your measurements….) Our Fridgesmarts are the best! They will save you so much time, taste, space and waste with all your produce – ask me for more information. We have the BEST and BIGGEST bowls! We can help you chop up anything in no time with our Mandoline, Fusion Master or Grate Master – from zoodles, ice or potatoes, you name it! I LOVE the microwave products! I use the stack cooker everyday. My kids don’t even know how to cook noodles on the stove as our Pasta Maker is the easiest. We have a silicone line of products for the oven, it helps you bake goodies with evenly distributed heat. Our brand new silicone bags are amazing! You can freeze for meal prep, then it can go right into the oven to cook & easy dishwasher clean up. We have the silicone slim bags to replace your one-time use baggies for snacks, lunches, or even travelling. Join the cold brew revolution with our beautiful Cold Brew Carafe, it can also be used to brew tea. One of my hubby’s favorite products lately is the MicroPro grill for the microwave – YES a grill for the microwave! YES, it browns! Makes the best hot dogs, hamburgers, roasted potatoes, grilled cheese, small pizza, roasted asparagus & you can even bake cinnamon rolls in it! It’s unreal y’all.

Have a great day & contact me today for more info, or with any questions. =D

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