WELCOME! Have you ever wished you had more time?  After years of searching for a planner that would work for me, I fell in love with Tula Xii (pronounced Tula 12), a customizable planner system that is perfect for busy moms and girl bosses (and pretty much everybody else, too)!  My name is Laurie Chalifoux and I’m excited to be your Planner Coach!  I have a passion for helping busy women organize their time so they can focus on what matters most in their lives.  With a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management, over 12 years in direct sales plus 20+ years in healthcare education and leadership development, my goal is to help you create your best lifestyle!

Are you ready to get your life, regardless of how many hats you wear, more organized and under control?   Whether you need help organizing your busy family or achieving your business goals, I have the tools and expertise to help you customize a lifestyle organizer (planner) that will work for you!

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HOW IT WORKS: Creating a Tula Xii planner is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1, Choose Your Cover.  Our covers come in 4 sizes and 4 different styles and lots of prints and solid colors to match your personality!  https://tulaxii.com/order/coversall?u=LaurieChalifoux

Step 2, Choose Your Inserts.  You get to customize the INSIDE your planner.  You pick what YOU need to focus on your priorities.  When you go to the website, search INSERTS by Lifestyle or Type.  There you will see suggestions from our wide variety of options.  Each insert (booklet) is saddle stitched and slides easily into your cover.  The paper is thick and perfect for almost any pen type with no bleed through.  You get to choose the front cover print for each insert. https://tulaxii.com/order/insertsall?u=LaurieChalifoux

Step 3 is adding accessories that can make your lifestyle organizer even more FUNctional!   Everything from plastic pockets to magnetic clips to and adorable charms.  Love to craft? We have Deco kits, card sets and fun stickers, too! https://tulaxii.com/order/accessories?u=LaurieChalifoux

Bundle of the Month!  Each month we feature a bundle that includes a cover and inserts that go great together to help you focus on one specific area of your life.  The great news is that they come at a special price AND you can add other inserts to round out your planner to be whatever you need. https://tulaxii.com/order/bundles?u=LaurieChalifoux

SHARE. LEARN. EARN. Are you ready to make this year the best year ever?  Check out my website, send me a message and let’s get started today! I offer FREE 1:1 Planner Consultations and a variety of virtual workshops for you and your friends including:

  • Planner Basics for Your Lifestyle
  • Becoming a Direct Sales Rockstar with a PLAN
  • Goal Setting and Basic Time Management
  • Vision Boards
  • Get Crafty with a DIY Crafting Night – using our Tula Xii Card Kits and Deco Kits
  • Get Organized – Girls Night Out (virtual or live if you’re in the Tampa Bay area!)

Party to EARN | exclusives, free, and 1/2 off

JOIN US! PS.  Are you a Planner Lover looking for a way to help others get organized and add some income to your family’s budget?  Be sure to ask me about the Tula Xii Brand Ambassador opportunity! Check out our fantastic onboarding training and FAQs here: https://tulaxii.com/join-info/?u=LaurieChalifoux


We have created this directory for moms (and of course dads too!) and hope that you will share it with your friends and we will become your “one stop” search engine.

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