Think Goodness is a live good brand offering the best imaginative entrepreneurial products dedicated to making you look and feel good!

Origami Owl Jewelry, Willing Beauty Skin Care, CMYK Cosmetics and Intuitiv Wellness Herbal Supplements.

We believe that A Little Good Goes A Long Way and doing good can literally change the world. It’s something to be shared. A chance to bring a smile to someone you’ve never even met before. A way to radiate goodness and spread happiness that cannot be ignored.

Every purchase gives back to our Giving Goodness Foundation, making true impacts – both big and small. It allows us to do Random Acts of Goodness and deliver joy, happiness and hope to everyone we come across, making the world a little brighter. A little better. A little more fun. A lot more GOOD!

Our Vision is to be a global force for good; to love, inspire and motivate people of all ages to reach their dreams and empower them to make a difference in the lives of others.  Our Mission is to inspire a good life – through good-for-you products, and doing good for others.

Our Nonprofit Organization – Giving Goodness Foundation – is on a mission to create a ripple effect of good in the world by spreading light, love and happiness through Random Acts of Goodness.  What is a Random Act of Goodness?  The act of helping others is the reason we exist, performing both big and small acts of Goodness alike.  We believe that helping others can create a ripple effect of good and inspire others to do the same.  Everything from buying a simple cup of coffee to start someone’s day, gifting someone flowers to brighten their week, paying a compliment to someone or helping those struggling to make ends meet can change lives in ways we can’t even imagine.

Our Purpose Partners are more than just people selling products. They’re brand ambassadors who embody goodness in every sense of the word, making actual impacts – both big and small – through the donations created by the products they share and the unique one-on-one experiences and personal touches they bring to every customer they serve.

From the very beginning, Think Goodness was founded on the idea of a mother and daughter partnering together to create a business – and that culture is still central to who we are today.  Our Young Entrepreneur Program is how you can experience this unique partnership with your child, too. Youth ages 11-to-17 can join the community with a Think Goodness Purpose Partner to build their own businesses. Not only does this spread goodness, but it also helps them gain valuable business and life skills to empower them to impact their own lives – and the world for good.  The Young Entrepreneur program is a fun and unique opportunity to build great relationships and earn real income in an environment that’s safe, empowering, and deeply rewarding

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