I had a goal in May 2020.

My husband was diagnosed pre-diabetic and had recently been put on a CPAP machine because of his weight. 330+ pounds. 40 to 42 pants! 3xl tall shirts. He was miserable. We were faced with one choice! We had to get him down to a reasonable weight, which would be hard because he is a trucker. Not a lot of healthy food options. NO set sleep schedule. No time to workout. Diet pills wind him up. Weight loss food high in sodium and preservatives. Heart/blood pressure don’t need that for that DOT CDL physical!

So I decided to start looking for tools to help. To be honest, I was in need as much as him, if not more so. Only 46 years old and heavier than through both of my pregnancies! Heaviest I had ever been. 2xl to 3xl shirts. 16 to 18 jeans. 216 to 225 depending on fluid retention. Post menopausal. Post heart attack. Hypothyroid disease. Degenerative bone and joint disease (no high impact exercise here!) On so many meds. Exhausted. Doctors discussing two total knee replacements. Seeing a podiatrist for pain and swelling in feet and legs. Hated shopping for myself.

So I decided to help him, I would guinea pig myself on a couple of programs. Every one I tried was soooo expensive to maintain, too many steps for him to deal with, and kept me glued to a toilet. Lots of the “miracle” programs you get on we discovered keep you in the bathroom. Hard thing to overcome at 68 miles per hour! Then I found my happy coffee.

In one week I noticed more energy and better sleep! In two weeks I noticed reduced swelling and just generally feeling better. I had also lost several pounds! Slept better. Felt better. And the best part- 💩 once a day! By week four my clothes were loose! At 90 days I had people asking me what I was doing!

Today, I am down to a size large shirt and a 10 slim pants!

He is wearing a 34 pants! Over 120+ pounds disappeared! We lost a whole person!!!

It is so easy! One Happy Cap and one cup of piping hot coffee is all I did. No dieting (although my diet did change thanks to the appetite suppression in our products!) We cut our grocery bill in half! No extra steps! No extra exercise! And we feel great! I make no medical claims for our products, but I can tell you how they worked for us! I am no longer on pain meds, diuretics, or mood controlling medications! His A1C is under control, his blood pressure is fine, he has quit smoking, and he is off his CPAP machine! Goals have been met for us!


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