What is Scentsy? You’ve probably heard about our Scentsy Wax and Warmers—-our first and main product—-and how they are a safe alternative to candles. It gives your home the smell of a candle without the flame or smoke. Over the past 20 years, we have released many other product lines! We now have essential oil Diffusers and Oils, Pod Products (wax less), Body, Laundry, Cleaning Products, Fragrance Flowers, Car Bars, Car Diffusers, a kids line, and we even have a licensing agreement with Disney!

 Scentsy is so versatile and can almost be for everyone! With a variety of fragrance categories, there’s sure a scent to make you happy!

Scentsy Fragrance Categories:

  • Bakery.
  • Citrus.
  • Floral.
  • Fresh.
  • Fruity.
  • Spice.
  • Woods.

The best way to give new scents a try is to bundle and save! You can bundle non licensed or licensed wax bars in groups of either 3 or 6 wax bars! As you browse, also keep an eye out for curated or special collection bundles! They’re always changing and scents do get rotated out, so become a scentsy club subscriber to ensure you never run out of your favorite scents! One of the perks would be “always get my bar.” No matter if a scent is discontinued, you will always get that scent as long as you’re a club member!

Are you a lover of essential oils? Pair a diffuser with your wax warmer, or just use the diffuser! This is a great product to use in kids rooms, a kitchen, anywhere you don’t want an accidental wax spill! Use a mini wall fan diffuser or the traditional one and change the shade! So many options that are customizable to meet your needs!

So many choices, where do I even begin?? Let Scentsy do the work for you! Subscribers and non subscribers always get the option to try our monthly Whiff Boxes! These boxes are $35 and include $50 or more in value, sometimes with exclusive items!! A great gift or awesome way to try out new products!

Freebies anyone? Host a party and earn rewards! As long as your party hits a number of sales, you earn host credits to apply towards non licensed products and you get half off credits! At times I do offer incentives to host so make sure you check my Facebook page to take advantage!

Kids love great things as well! Scentsy buddies are a great gift for kids, especially if they are their favorite Disney character! Being a licensed partner with Disney, it goes beyond our wax warmers to our cuddly buddies! Each comes with their own scent pak or at times a matching scent!

I am such a fan of Scentsy and have made it my mission to try almost every product possible to best be able to answer my clients questions. My home is filled with everything Scentsy, and once you try it, you don’t want to ever use something different! Amaze your friends and family that your house smells so great even when you have kids or pets running around! I personally have 5 dogs of my own, and you wouldn’t ever know unless you saw them. Keep the secret or share by hosting a party to earn rewards! Contact me with any questions and make sure you follow my Facebook page to stay up to date with the latest news, tips, and tricks!

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