I am your stylist with Ruby Ribbon. In October of 2021 I joined this amazing sisterhood of woman when I quickly realized how life changing this product was when I had my own party to share with my friends! I have learned a lot since then and I am loving the opportunity to share and inform other woman about the Ruby Ribbon shape wear! I am excited to share with you the amazing cami! And the reason why you will want to ditch your bra for good!!!

A little about me, I am a mom of 2 beautiful daughters and 4 precious fur babies!  that’s right 4 lol crazy I know! I am also a wife and I am originally from Canada! Eh! Lol I work full time with seniors in their home and my husband and I love camping! We have property where we have a camper!

Now a little about Ruby Ribbon, we offer a bra replacement cami that is truly a game changer from the moment you put it on! Not only will you get great lift and support with no wires but you will get back support and back and tummy smoothing all with the comfort of a gentle hug!

We truly have something for everyone! From young to old all ages and sizes! We have sizes 34-50 accommodating A cup to Q cup! Our cami and demi are custom fit! You simple stretch the cups open to fit you perfectly!!!

We even have a nursing cami! Check out the video posted and to see more videos click my YouTube link!! I can’t wait to share all about this gamer changer with you!!!

I would like to welcome you and thank you for stopping by and checking out what Ruby Ribbon can do for you!!

Oh by the way that gorgeous leopard print right there I am wearing that’s my NOT bra!!! HOW MANY OF YOU CAN POST A PIC OF YOU IN YOUR CURRENT BRA?!

My Sizing Fit Form: https://www.rubyribbon.com/Pws/mjperry/tabs/fit-finder

Link to my YouTube channel: http://youtube.com/@melanieperry-rubyribbonstylist

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