My name is Nina Burgess. I’m a wife and mother of 6. I’ve been fairly health conscious my entire adult life. However, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I began to learn that our health doesn’t just depend on what goes IN our body. It is also affected by what goes ON and AROUND our body. The items we use to clean our homes and bodies, our makeup, hair products and more are just as important as our diet when it comes to living a healthy life. I’d love to become your one stop shop for all things home and beauty. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions about health and wellness inside and out. I’d love to share with you why I choose Poofy with my family and help you make the best decision for your family.

“Your family deserves the cleanest, purest personal care and beauty products. That’s why we developed POOFY ORGANICS to transfer our love of natural, fresh living from our family to yours. Why choose products that are iffy when you can live POOFY?
Our promise to you: We will never sell you anything we do not use on our own family.

At POOFY ORGANICS, we make all of our products by hand, carefully curated batches to ensure that our customers always get intentional products created without waste or shortcuts.

POOFY ORGANICS was founded in 2008 a family member was diagnosed with breast cancer. It began after our own family decided to stop products infused with chemicals, dyes, irritating fragrances and other questionable ingredients. After searching the market for “natural” products that were actually natural, we realized that toxic chemicals were hiding in many products labeled as pure and safe.

Today, POOFY ORGANICS offers more certified organic products than any other brand. We maintain our high standards by being USDA certified organic and practice sustainability by using recyclable, biodegradable and leach-free packaging.”

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