I am Evamarie Griffin, I am a holistic nutrition Nurse decided to partner up with Partner.co because

My passion is to help as many families become financially independent and to help them learn about how to sustain a healthy lifestyle 3 John 1:2

I carry supplements that are FDA approved, recognized by the FDA and in 80 countries worldwide.  Our products are 3rd party tested and we have NO fillers NO chemicals policy. Some of our most dynamic and sought after products are the Hormone Balancing Skinny Drops,  CM2 Pulse Band (sells out as fast as we get them in stock) Our Skincerity Skin Care Line (we have the world’s FIRST breathable mask, top seller worldwide), RENEW which is one of our newest products, with patent world rights to our technology (works with our HGH; improves cell regeneration, boosts energy and stamina, enhances libido and secual fuction, reduces body fat, improves sleep, increases skin elasticity and bone density) LIMU which helped me with my COPD and Asthma.  I can go on and on! I am SO PASSIONATE about what our products have done for my friends, family and myself.  I have miracle products in the palm of my hand that are backed by science, clean and organic.

I do offer 15% off first time orders or contact me directly and I have a discount off the hormone balancing drops when ordering directly from me.

I help people around the country to balance hormones and lose weight!  If you are ready for change contact me and I will help you along the way.
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