NVisionU is a Health and Wealth Company. Our vision is to positively impact the lives of a billion people Spiritually, Emotionally, and Physically. To lead with the values of Love, Integrity, Unity and Trust, and in the process, create the most trusted and respected health and wellness company in the world.

We want the world to NVU! NVisionU!

We offer all natural, holistic health and wellness products.

Our staple product is the ALIVE Juice.
NVisionU’s ALIVE is a delicious premium proprietary liquid absorption blend of scientifically
proven nutrient-rich superfoods that support your every day whole-body vitality.

We also have Vitamin Sprays
– The Future of Vitamins
– Faster absorption + effectiveness
– Quick & easy to use
– For total body wellness from the inside out

NVisionU also offers a variety of Digital Learning courses including AIRBNB Academy, Marketing
Academy, Metaverse Academy, Turo Academy and Finance Academy.

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