If you are ready to “start again” for the last time, it is time to give Nutrisail a try!

In 2013, I had weight loss surgery. I lost 105 pounds but was still 40 pounds away from my goal. Then life did what it does best and threw some really hard stuff my way along with a divorce and I started doing what I’d always done, which was using food as a way to comfort and to cope. I gained back almost half of what I had lost.

In 2016, I saw numerous friends having success with some products they were calling “The B’s”. I ordered some, knowing there was a 60-day money back guarantee, and thought “what do I have to lose?”. At the time, Nutrisail had only 2 main products which was Blite and Bsafe. Blite worked for energy, appetite suppression, and burning fat. Bsafe was to use to clean out my cells from the inside out and rid my body of toxins. The perfect duo! I noticed Blite working right away. I actually felt IN CONTROL of myself and making good food choices. The cravings for sweet stuff was gone. Bsafe worked really well to take before meals, and I found I was full faster. I couldn’t believe the weight I started dropping. At the time I was working as a waitress, so I was getting my steps in every day, and I went for an evening walk at night. No longer did I have to take all the OTC pain medication either! In total, “The B’s” helped me lose 75 pounds and reach my goal weight!

Since then, Nutrisail has come out with other products essential to good total body health. Bsafe (antioxidant and minerals), Bmax (an incredible multivitamin), gut I.Q. (candida control and probiotic), MorzingaB (B complex plus morzinga) offered as the Core 4 Complete health and wellness nutritional system, which is a comprehensive daily dose of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, antioxidants and superfoods for optimal wellness, packaged for daily use as 30 on the go pouches!

This stuff rocks! Here’s what B-lite was designed to do: control your hunger, energize your body, enhance your mood, boost your fat loss, nourish your brain and it is LOADED with B-vitamins!

What sets us apart is that it is easily absorbable, powerful, you can feel it working, organic and made in the USA! 

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