My name is Erica Smith.  I am blessed to be an affiliate with NortheStar health and wellness. When I was introduced to NortheStar, I was tired of being sick and tired.  I was a middle school math teacher in year 21 of teaching. That year was the toughest on my health and mindset!  I started off our hybrid school year of 2021 drinking 3-4 cups of coffee daily just to make it through the day. I have an underactive thyroid and needed the coffee to feel alert!  I walked with my KCups to school and to my part time job so I’d be awake. A good friend of mine was aware of my struggles, and was kind enough to talk to me  about NortheStar.  I remember the excitement I had when I finally started on the simple system and began to feel good again!  I have been on my Northe experience since September 2021. This is a personal journey to reclaim my health! I’ve gained confidence, excitement about life, and the energy that I had always been looking for! Losing 50 pounds and several inches has been icing on the cake!

I am so grateful that I get to empower women to shift their mindset, improve their energy & to gain confidence, so that they can focus on their God-sized dreams.

I am still on this journey! I am so much happier now, and I love to share what this simple system has done for me! I have walked with women as they improve their health and I look forward to walking on this journey with you!

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