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New U Life is the leader in solving aging through systemic hormone health. Our proprietary technology, SomaTech, forms the foundation of the most advanced hormonal products, offering solutions for men and women. Our mission is fueling our community to change lives and empower the New U.




My Story

My personal journey with NEWULIFE started on May 28th of 2021. It began with an extraordinary product experience that quickly turned into a life changing business opportunity full of Self Development, Personal Growth, Travel, and a Passion for helping others to achieve Health and Wealth.

I became a mom at the age of 41 to my beautiful son. I am an artist, quiet and reserved with a lifelong fear of Public speaking. I’ve suffered from low self-esteem most of my life and in the most recent years being in my 40’s have dealt with hormonal changes mostly showing up as anxiety, depression, brain fog, moodiness, and discomfort in my hip flexors. When I said “YES” to SomaDerm first(for my Health), then NEWULIFE(to build leveraged income) combined with Belief and Passion, I felt an elevated mood, brain clarity, natural energy, and new found JOY and zest for Life. With the support of this community I have overcome my Fear of Speaking, and now have the ability to share with others on and off the Stage. I became unstoppable in my ACTION to help others to feel their best, achieve their goals, and lead by example. We ALL have a story worth sharing, and we ALL have Hormones. Improving your health through Systemic Hormone Balance, Finding your voice, finding joy and passion, and finding something that can allow Time Freedom and the ability to weave business into what you are already doing is an incredible gift. This opportunity has transformed me physically and mentally, I want the same for YOU. My goal is to help you live your BEST life as you age! We don’t have Health without Hormone Health.


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SomaDerm is a category creator, FIRST to market, ZERO competition, and expands across the Health, Wellness, Beauty, and Fitness Industries. We offer Products for women/men that yield results, a Community of Leadership, Education, An Excellent Volume-based Compensation Plan with No Rank Requirements, and a FORMULATOR that is also our CEO.

Currently we have a total of 6 Category creators to help you achieve your health goals!

SomaDerm + (Targeted Pain Management)

MLT (Weight Management Solution)

NeuraVie (Brain/Gut Health Solution))

Rose and Cole (Skin Care Solution)

Fortress (Immune support)

For More Information text PRODUCT or Shop New U Life Products: brookepatton.newulife.com


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