Our mission at NeoLife is to END THE TREND of sickness and poor health that is literally destroying families around the world.

Leading health authorities are saying that the key to optimal long- term health and preventing chronic disease, is just three simple things – weight management, physical activity, and a diet rich in the whole food nutrients found in whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and omega-3 rich fish.

So, what’s gone wrong? Obviously we still have a problem because
the state of our health is still declining. The problem is that it’s
nearly impossible to get enough of those nutrients through diet alone.

And that’s where we come in. We have a solution to bridge the gap that exists between DIET and NUTRITION. From core nutrition for a foundation of good health, to targeted solutions like heart health, immune strength, digestive health, children’s nutrition, and sport nutrition to name just a few, NeoLife’s got you covered. Our family of brands also includes earth-friendly Golden Home Care and the very first marine botanical-based organic skin care line in the Direct Selling industry, Nutriance Organic.


Hello and Welcome to my page! My name is Gabrielle Merritt, (most know me by Gabby) and I have been using Neolife for 20 years! I have been married to my husband Joel for 21 years, we have been blessed with 5 amazing children, and we live in Southern Indiana. When we first got married, I was on the hunt for quality supplementation to support healthy pregnancies because we knew we wanted a bigger family. My mom was proactive in giving us vitamins as a child, so I had a pretty good foundation of what to look for. I knew that my body was going to need plenty of extra nutrients to grow strong, healthy children, and that’s when someone introduced us to Neolife, and we are forever grateful!

DID YOU KNOW that our bodies were designed to function optimally on 59 nutrients a day, from our foods? And the nutrients that we eat do not turn into nutrition until it penetrates (absorbs) into our cells. Since our cells only recognize FOOD as nutrition, the best way to fill in those nutritional gaps is through WHOLE FOOD extracts. That’s exactly what Neolife does!! They produce supplements that are extracted from WHOLE FOODS ONLY, containing ZERO SYNTHETICS and that are 100% NON-GMO and BEYOND Organic (compliant with 52 countries’ Organic standards). With CHRONIC ILLNESS on the rise and 85% of those being DIET RELATED, it has become more about what we ARE NOT eating, then what we ARE eating. We would love the opportunity to chat with you, we hope you’ll reach out. The #1 response we get from our customers and business partners is that they wish someone would have shared Neolife with them years ago! Looking forward to hearing from you, we know it will change your life!


FEEL better. LOOK better. LIVE better

SO WHERE DO YOU START? How can you be sure that what you are taking is ACTUALLY WORKING? Unfortunately, vitamins/supplements are an UNREGULATED INDUSTRY. Well, we know firsthand how challenging that can be, so we have simplified the process for you by providing some criteria for you to look for, to help narrow your search. 

NOW do you feel better equipped for what to look for in a supplement/company? We sure hope so! Below you will find the follow-up video, which will cover the basics of what we recommend most people start with, the Breakfast Solution, which we call CORE NUTRITION.



For 15 years, my husband Joel did not think he needed Neolife. In 2017 his health was at an all time low, and he had a laundry list of issues including, OVERWEIGHT, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, IBS, CHRONIC SINUS INFECTIONS, INSOMNIA, DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, AFIB (or HEART ARYTHMIA). He decided to give Neolife a try to ONLY lose weight, little did he know that he would not only go on to lose over 100 LBS, but he would also lose that WHOLE LIST of chrionic issues along with it! He has kept it off for the last 5 years and is the picture of health today. CLICK ON LINK BELOW to learn about our weightloss solution.



When it comes to CHILDREN’S NUTRITION, we’ve got you covered! Kids need the same nutrients that adults need, so we offer the same products in CHEWABLE and LIQUID forms also. We love that Neolife products are SAFE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! Our kids are ages 18, 16, 14, 11 & 8, and are all Neolife kids since the womb 🙂


We also believe that it is important to not only ride your body from TOXINS, but to also keep your home TOXIN-FREE! That’s why we offer our amazing GOLDEN HOME CARE products that have been GREEN since long before it was popular! Make sure that your loved ones are safe from exposure to harmful chemicals by switching to these…and it will also save you a TON OF MONEY!



And last but definitely not least, we need to make sure what we are putting ON OUR BODIES is also safe and beneficial to our health. That is why we have the most amazing PERSONAL CARE products which include SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER, BODY WASH, BODY LOTION & ALOE VERA GEL.

And then there is our 100% ORGANIC MARINE BASED SKIN CARE LINE. It’s like nutrition for your skin, you’ve got to try it! For more information.


So, to finish our Neolife story, although our kids and I had been faithfully using the products for 15 years, we did not join the business side of it until people started seeing Joel’s transformation, and it was then that we realized we HAD to share these amazing products with other people. Boy, we are so glad we said YES TO THIS OPPORTUNITY! Not only have we been blessed to help thousands of people lose weight, reverse chronic illnesses, and provide another stream of income for their families, but the relationships that we’ve made along the way have been such a blessing to our family! We are a part of the WISDOM BUILDERS team, which is the fastest growing team in North America, and we have all of the support you would need! And if that isn’t enough, Neolife has sent us to the most amazing destinations from Hawaii, Naples FL (Covid year), Cancun, Dominican Republic, and again to Hawaii this fall, just in the last 5 years!


What is the future of the wellness industry?

The Global Wellness Institute predicts an impressive 21% annual growth rate, expanding the sector to an over $1 TRILLION market by 2024. This is due to the growing awareness of the need for better health around the world and leading to massive growth in the industry! Our team is growing every day, and we are always looking for people to partner with us to make the world a healthier and happier place. We are on a mission to END THE TREND of Chronic Illness and Poverty, which is to provide real solutions that work! Would you consider partnering with us? We have been blessed to help thousands of people lose weight, reverse chronic illnesses, and provide another stream of income to help relieve the financial stress in the family budget. Is Neolife what you’ve been looking for?

Please feel free to reach out!! Texting or connecting with me on social media are great ways to make sure I see your message. God Bless!

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