Nature has the answers, we bottle them. Pioneers of nutritional supplements for the whole family since 1972.

My name is Diane Hair. I am a natural health practitioner that has been using Natures Sunshine products with my family as well as my clients for 18 years. I began this health journey as a mom of two young children who was searching for answers for her child. When I came across a practitioner who introduced me to Natures Sunshine and a new way of looking at health and wellness, my life and the lives of my family were forever changed. This legacy I have passed down to my children as well as to my clients.

I am passionate about education and enabling people to make choices about their own health and wellness. Empowering them to know and understand the needs of their body and giving them alternative life-giving choices to find and treat the root cause of symptoms. I recommend herbal supplements, which are food, to cleanse, support and balance the body. Not only do you need to have the right quality supplements but you need to meet and exceed the body’s need for the herb. This means that you need to take the right amount to get the body to heal and repair as well as to support the vital functions.

Supplements are not all created equal! Natures Sunshine has pure and naturally potent nutritional supplements sourced from all over the world. These products are unmatched in purity and potency. They were the first company to encapsulate herbs. This company was started by a school teacher who was seeking to heal an ulcer. This small endeavor, which started out with a man taking spoonfuls of capsicum for his healing, has grown for 50 years into a company that has over 600 different products.

Nature’s Sunshine is one-stop for nutritional wellness and healing, skin care, essential oils, sports nutrition, and home cleaning.

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Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Let me know how I can support you in your meeting your wellness goals. I am happy to help you in any way.

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– Natural supplements for every body system

– Nutritional support

– Essential oils and oil diffusers

– Home cleaning products

– Skin care products

– Fitness and sports-minded supplements and products

– Pregnancy support

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