Myself and my business partner Ashely DeMarco, a passionate mother of two, formed the Appalachian Water Collective and our global partner, Evolution Era to educate health-aware people globally about the importance of clean, ionized, mineral water. We chose Multipure for our filtration after 10 years of searching the market.

Multipure has been the leader and inventor of solid carbon block in-line water filtration for 50 years! Out of the 23,000 water filtration companies in the US, their drinking water systems are the only NSF (National Standards Foundation) 42, 53, 401, and p231 certified filtration systems that provide a continuous flow of water that ALSO KEEPS SOURCE MINERALS without having to re-mineralize with synthetic salts!

Read more about why NSF certifications matter (so you can stop having to “trust”)

Proper mineralization is critical for human health and hydration and our family is much more likely to drink more water if they like the taste. Multipure whole house, garden, and drinking water filters filter everything from the easy contaminants like chlorine and rust to the hard ones like pharmaceuticals, forever chemicals, VOCs, and even ones we don’t yet know about. See the graphic below for the 85+ classes of contaminants Multipure systems are certified to remove.

If you have never seen your tap water report, you can pull it here:

Multipure filters will save you thousands in bottled water costs (bottled water is just someone else’s tap water, unfortunately)

If you are already filtering with a gravity-fed or pitcher system (most people make the final jump to in-line always on filtration from a Brita, Berkey, AlexaPure, or ProOne), make the leap to clean mineral water and ionization!

These filters are also the perfect pre-filter to ionization if you already have an ionizer (you don’t want to run pesticides, fluoride, pharmaceuticals across your ionizer plates) or are thinking of upgrading your health with world class electrolysis technology to create sustainability in your home.

We are happy to customize filtration to your home or sink and talk about ionization if you are feeling lost in the water world. It can be quite overwhelming and filled with marketing.

Business Opportunity: If you are passionate about health and have considered having a side career in hydration and online business with existing frameworks and free weekly trainings, we would love to talk to you and show you our compensation plans!

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