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Are you like me and get tired of doing the same craft things over and over? Would you like an easier, fool-prof way to design and create? Maybe you’re looking for something to help ease the stress from a long day at work?

Or you might be a stay at home mom (like myself) and you’d like to have your own escape?

About a year ago, I branched out of my comfort zone and tried my hand at chalk paste and silkscreen stencils (you know, during all that time we had stuck in doors). [Chalk paste is a water-soluble crafting paste that goes on wet, dries hard and washes off nonporous surfaces with just water]

I wanted to have something that would help ease my anxiety, give me an outlet, but also have the flexibility to modify my creations and to be able to make multiple projects with minimal supplies.

And, that is how I came upon Magnolia Design Co. and their chalk paste and silkscreen stencils. A whole new world opened up for me!!

Magnolia Design Co. is a rapidly growing DIY craft supply company featuring REUSABLE Silkscreen & Vinyl Stencils, Chalk Paste, Ink, Surfaces, and all the Accessories you may need to craft to your hearts content. You can DIY with a discount, create a business through workshops, craft fairs, or grow a team. With Magnolia Design Co, selling in storefronts, like brick and mortar stores, and selling finished products are a breeze!

You see, I love to craft! Finding new ways to craft is exciting for me. Magnolia Design Co.’s chalk paste and silkscreen stencils are my new addiction because they are fast, fun, and easy; and yet, I can still use it along with all my other crafting goodies!

Magnolia Design Stencils are a cross between vinyl and silk screen printing.

There is a fine screen mesh in the middle of the stencil which helps with the amount of chalk paste that is left on the project surface. This is a huge deal because we want our projects to look great (and professional) and too much chalk paste is not pretty. The silk mesh helps keep just the right amount of chalk paste on the project surface and allows us to scrape off the excess and put it back in the paste jar, thus saving product. And the best part is that it’s fool-proof!

You really can’t make a mistake as the Chalk Paste is erasable with water! (But can also be made permanent if you so desire)

I also must share that my 10 year old daughter LOVES chalking with me. It’s easy enough that a child can do it, but versatile enough to make high-end quality home decor that you can make a profit from!


As a new startup company, Magnolia Design Co. is looking to expand their team of Creators nationwide. Currently there are only a few thousand, so you would get in on the ground floor and grow with an up and coming craft phenomenon!

There are many ways to get the most out of your membership~>

  • You could make your own quality home decor at a great price
  • You could use it to simply craft with a HUGE discount
  • You could even be your own boss; Magnolia has created distinct business opportunities to earn income while creating your own decor~ all while working from the comfort of your home in your jammies, if that’s your jam 😉

I can make that happen when you become a part of my Crafty Peacock Team

Their easy signup process and generous benefits for becoming a new Creator are fantastic! Don’t you worry about the fine print, because Magnolia Design Co. has NO MONTHLY OR QUARTERLY MINIMUMS at the Creator level. Added bonus: You get all your Magnolia Design Co. supplies at 35% off retail pricing! Yes – 35%!!! Incredible!

Join me and make your membership work for you! 😁


To get started, go over to Magnolia Design Co. and click on the link at the top of the page that says “Become A Creator”. From there, you can learn all about the great discounts and business opportunities (if you choose to promote Magnolia Design Co. products, but not at all necessary).

There is also a breakdown of how you can really turn your crafting passion into a viable side business and maybe even a full time income. It’s up to you whether you just want to snag that 35% discount for your own needs or if you want to ramp it up and try your hand at selling the product yourself.

Once you’ve looked over the different benefits and offers you can get into, click the “Become A Creator” button. Fill out the information, have your credit card handy, and you can be one of the newest Magnolia Design Co. Creators in as little as Five Minutes!

With your enrollment, I’ll add you to my Facebook Team Page where you’ll have access to suggestions, tips, information, and education, so we can get you set up for success!

Now, you may be asking, “So what’s it going to cost me?” Well there is a pleasant surprise here too! You can start your own crafting team or get your huge 35% discount for all supplies.

The Enrollment Kit is regularly priced at $175~ but I’ll let you in on a secret… It’s on SALE!

You can get your own Enrollment Kit for just $69! That’s right! Starting your own side hustle craft business for less than the cost of your last craft shopping trip. You can get in at ground level, and start using your crafting skills to earn an income to support that crafting addiction!

When you purchase the Enrollment Kit you also get your own replicated website, which means a professional looking website to send your people to. It’s a great way to refer friends and family or on your social media to purchase Magnolia Design Co. products under your account; this will earn you Creator Credits from those sales. That means FREE products for your crafty self, and if you sell enough, you’ll start earning that income on the side you’ve talked about doing for a long time. For this personalized replicated website you only pay a $10.99 monthly fee. No other obligations, rules, or requirements!

That is an awesome deal!

So Are you ready to join me??!!! – This is my link to get you up and running as a member of my Crafty Peacock Team 🦚 (ID 104241)


The possibilities are out there and they are endless with Magnolia Design Co! I can’t wait to start chalking with you!

Please reach out with any questions!

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