Magnabilities is the original interchangeable magnetic jewelry company!

Ummmm… what does that even mean?! Hear me out… it means, you can spend the amount of money as you would for one of jewelry but have enough options for 2-3.

Still don’t understand what I am talking about… our products are versatile, fun, & affordable!

Plus, our products are wonderful keepsakes and make amazing gifts!

Have you ever thought of being able to wear pictures of your kiddos with your jewelry? With Magnabilities, that is a reality!

Are you trying to come up with the best gifts for the grandparents? Our Custom Inserts are the key to putting smiles on their faces!

Are you ready to dress up your “Mom” outfit with some casual pieces? Maybe, you are hitting the town with your man and want to look fancy (without the price tag)!

What you see here is just the beginning to what we have to offer with our jewelry!!! Check out my website… but most importantly, come say hi to me on Facebook!!!

One of the best things about being an Independent Consultant with Magnabilities, I get to meet amazing ladies like yourself! I hear your stories, your likes, & your dislikes… and I get to be your personal shopper, helping you find the right look for you! And when you fall in love with our jewelry, you will want to share it with everyone you know! You will get compliments from strangers. Then, we can talk about what kind of discount you can get and money you can earn as an Independent Consultant with Magnabilities… and join me on this amazing journey!

Thank you for taking the time to check out what I have to offer you as an Independent Consultant with Magnabilities!

About Me

-Mommy to 2 kiddos! Marissa 12 – (going on 19, ugh!) & Dominic 8 – my sweet boy! Seriously though, Marissa is amazing, but she wants to grow up way too fast. Makes me feel like I am looking in a mirror.

As moms, we get that we are all in different situations. But the one thing I bet we can all agree on, is that we are just doing our best and hope that our babies see a happy and healthy adulthood. So, I toast to us…for showing up, even when we just want to stay under the covers for like another hour.

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