Kleo Kolor’s mission is to build a global community through innovative products that inspire self-expression, confidence, and fun!  They have joined the nail scene bringing 3 Types of Gel Like Nail Products for YOU to enjoy!

💅 Gel Strips   💅 Gel LED Strips that cure in under 60 seconds!  💅 Gel Press Ons in 3 different shapes & sizes & Adhesive is already on the nail! (NO MESS)

If Kleo was a Diamond it would far outshine its counterparts! Diamonds require four important factors to be classified and graded- Clarity, Color, Cut, & Weight. I bet you are wondering why the comparison?

💎Clarity- Kleo is precise in making sure all Customers & Brand Partners a-like feel that we are all a part of a community that is self expressed! They do their best to be precise in information given and how it is passed down. They listen to feedback from EVERYONE!

💎Color- At Kleo no one person is at the head of our Brand. Investors came together and hired a diverse group of people that have years of experience in Direct Sales. People who know what works, what doesn’t, what is frustrating. When it comes to products we have only begun to scratch the surface.. stay tuned for what is to come!

💎Cut- Although we may be a part of the same Cut so to speak as our fellow Direct Sales, Kleo is definitely breaking the mold. No Brand Restrictions, Volume Based Compensation Plan, They provide us with the Graphics & Trainings to be successful & the best part… not party based!

💎Weight- You don’t have to carry the weight alone! At Kleo we aren’t just another Brand. We are a Community!! From Corporate to Customer and everything in-between we are One!

How does a Gel Like Nail do all that? Well… I guess you will just have to come see!!

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