My name is Claren Harley. I’m a wife, mom of 3 and a teacher. As a teacher (year 30), I’m on my feet all day and always looking for products that give me a boost of energy as well as assist with hydration and weight loss. I began by using the coffee and fat burners which gave me more energy and helped with weight and inches lost. Then I began to add other products like the Super Greens which made me feel even more energized. I am now so in love with these products that I can’t wait to help others feel their best. I am truly a product of the product! Since I became so passionate about the products, I started selling them myself. I have such a wonderful group of faith-based women who are now my partners in business. My goal is to share these products and assist other moms with their wellness goals.

It Works is a passionate, global company whose mission is to change lives through natural, results-driven products. All products are plant based and clinically tested. The products fall into 4 main categories:

1. Weight Control Systems – products such as skinny coffee, fat burners, gummies, shakes and appetite suppressants which focus on weight loss

2. Gut Health Systems – products such as Simply Aloe, Cleanse and Super Greens which focus on rebalancing your gut and promoting clean digestion

3. Active Lifestyle Systems – products such as smoothies, hydration, collagen and super greens which focus on hydration and energizing your body

4. Beauty Sets – products that focus on haircare, skincare and bodycare that are essential for everyday life

While browsing through these systems, consider becoming a distributor as a side business. As a busy mom, this is another avenue of starting your own home based business which you can work from anywhere in the world. It Works is also a team building company which provides training and support while building your business.

My advice to anyone who wants to improve their health is to try these products. They will take your body to “a whole nother level”!

Yours in Good Health,

Claren Harley

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We have created this directory for moms (and of course dads too!) and hope that you will share it with your friends and we will become your “one stop” search engine.

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