Frequencies for life!

Congratulations for your interest of  Frequency Specific Micro-Current (FSM)! This practice was in use for many years before the American Medical Association ban in the 1937. Re-discovered in the 1990’s, currently approved by the FDA, is now in the re-emergence phase as an alternative to Pharmaceuticals, invasive surgeries, dis-ease reversal, nervous system stability, involving all things related to cellular harmony.

Engineered by German Quantum Physicists, Healy has taken many years of engineering and development to enter the consumer market just 4 years ago! Until then this was only administered by licensed practitioner as the prior systems were large, expensive and required a patient clinic. Healy is a ground level entry opportunity, projected to be a well known, household friendly, and utilized for all living beings for years to come.

This is a high ticket product! Paired to a lucrative compensation plan with the choice to become a distributor, as many moms today work full time in the network marketing space. Since this technology can be overwhelming at first, online community support via most social media platforms is available and encouraged. Healy provides all resources necessary to fully learn and understand this exciting technology, via Healy Academy.

Feel free to reach out for a discovery connection to see if this is a right fit. Testimonies and evidence show FSM can resolve many issues and ailments caused by this modern day environment.

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