Hi, I am Susan Stecher and I live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  I found Essante Organics when I was looking for work at home during the COVID epidemic.  I am happy to have found this company because it is a one stop place to shop for organic, chemical free, and wild crafted products.  Everything comes from plants.  The company is located in Phoenix, Arizona and has been in existence since 2009.  I love all the products but especially the ph Nutrition products since they help to alkalize the body helping us avoid diseases like cancer and diabetes and help to prevent heart attacks. It only takes 26 seconds for toxic chemicals to enter our skin, bloodstream and organs. We not only breathe toxins through the air but also by what we put on our bodies.  We only sell products on line.  You will not find them in stores or elsewhere.

Michael Wenninger founded this company in 2009 when he formulated the power pops for adults and children to help with weight loss. Since then, Michael has formulated over 100 products that consist of products that fall into these categories:  spa and body products, homecare, baby care, ph nutrition, and therapeutic essential oils.  We do not give out coupons because we have sales every month. During big holidays, we have larger sales. All categories have discounted packs. We are certified by the USDA as Organic and follow strict organic labeling laws.  The products are toxic free, have no GMOs, no added salt, no antibiotics, are vegan friendly, are soy free, whey free, gluten free, and have the highest ORAC values.  The products do not have preservatives or chemicals and are distilled using cold press methods. They are pesticide free.  Michael believes in educating people and has weekly trainings.

We have lucrative work opportunities for those who want to have at home careers.  You can watch http://www.livinglifechemicalfree.com  or go to gogreengetpaid.com for more information.  Then get in touch with me and I will guide you to the people you need to be in touch with to get started. If you do not want to sell our products, you can buy at retail or buy at wholesale by buying a website of your own for a lifetime membership of $29.95 that you only pay once.  Be sure to use my website when ordering.  It is essanteorganics.com/slstecher   Thank you for visiting my site.  I wish you a happy and healthy life.

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