Hi My name is Christina, and I have struggled for the last 7 years to get this weight off of me! Come on, I know there are a few of you out there just like me. I tried everything. I couldn’t stick to any diet, I felt too restricted, I mean who wants to give up Pizza and Tacos!  Who has learned how to count macros, etc! I can’t figure it out. But one thing I do know, and can do, is that this Blackberry lemonade is amazing, I don’t have to count anything. I open a package, pour into my water bottle, shake shake shake, and boom! My appetite is curbed, my NO JITTERS energy is off the charts, and I love how it tastes!  I am down 24 lbs in a little over 2 months. I do some really lazy LOL, keto meal prep, and try to walk 5,000 steps, which isn’t much, so I really haven’t changed anything else. Let me tell you why YOU will love it too!

Why you’ll Love ZipSlim:

• Simple – Mix ZipSlim in 12-20oz of water in seconds and enjoy!( I like it in 16-20oz of water best, but use it to your taste level)

• Quality – No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives

• Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Non-GMO, Vegetarian Friendly, and Keto and Paleo friendly *Tasty – Delicious and refreshing blackberry lemonade flavor  ​

Not to mention…

  • No more strict diets
    • Best Weight Loss Plan
    • Reduced Feelings of Stress
    • Happier Mood
    • Improved Sexual Satisfaction
    • Reduction in Free Radicals
    • Enhanced Ability to Focus
    • Clear Mind
    • Improved Memory
    • Increased Muscle Strength
    • Stronger Immune System
    • Reboot your Metabolism

THE LIST IS ENDLESS!!! It has everything your body needs to feel amazing, healthy, and happier!

We have a new product coming out the month of August, that is in top secret mode right now, but as soon as I know, believe me sisters, I will be sharing with you too. Join my fb group so I can answer any questions you may have, you will see recipes, fun posts, and even some amazing coupons this month to save save save!  

This is how easy it is: you gotta drink something with your lunch and dinner anyway right? Why not use zipslim and get some added health benefits? Not just weight loss but let me tell ya, I just “FEEL” Better! I don’t have as many of those grouchy days, and my hot flashes seem to be more tolerable if they even show up! 


Moms: are you suffering from constant fatigue & always feeling like you are fight or flight mode? 

these are VERY common & could mean you are suffering from high cortisol levels… high cortisol levels combined with poor sleeping & poor eating habits are just a recipe for disaster!!!

Luckily for you this lemonade is an all-in-one solution! 

not only will it improve your sleeping habits, but this lemonade also contains 




vitamin D

which are all proven supplements that can help with reducing the feelings of stress & help balance out your cortisol levels. 

once you start feeling the effects of a balanced cortisol system you will never go back!! why do you think i NEVER skip a day of my lemonade!!!


Some Science stuff:

According to celebrated physician Dr. Mark Drucker, millions of Americans are suffering from a condition called Metabolic Overload.

If you’ve been affected, then it means that your metabolism is asleep…

….and your body will literally resist efforts to lose weight.

That’s because your metabolic master switch – a little enzyme called AMPK – has begun to turn off.

So your body stores more food as fat… and even moderate diet and exercise barely move the needle. 

Three words: Published Clinical Studies. When he formulated ZipSlim™, Dr. Drucker accepted nothing less than these gold standard studies. And when it comes to your own weight loss, neither should you.

That’s why we’re excited to share our data with you. So just ask. 

Feel free to text SLIM to 561.255.1044 anytime. We can text, call, or chat on FB messenger. You can find my personal page at https://www.facebook.com/tinagrassi321  let’s be friends.Order at:

Zipslim.info/drink2shrink  or on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/beyondslim

 **Limited Monthly coupons always available on a first come first serve basis. 

Happy ZipSlimming! 



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