As a busy mom with 2 boys, a full-time job, a wedding decorating business and the host of 2 bridal shows, I can’t tell you all how much these products have been a blessing for me and beyond that SO DANG EASY!  The extra energy and brain clarity has been wonderful for me and the added bonus is the weight loss! In just about 3 weeks I have lost 9 pounds and not even trying as I drink WAYYY too much wine LOL!  I certainly wasn’t giving that up:)

If you are a regular coffee drinker, it’s just sooo easy! I make my coffee as normal, with creamer, add in my scoop of Beneve coffee and off I go. Often times I have to remind myself to eat lunch.  If you aren’t a coffee drinker, no worries, there is also a watermelon/berry flavor as well. If you are a bit more sensitive to caffeine, they also offer a “light” version of the coffee. You can also pair these awesome products with their “Power of 3 Supplement” that provides your body the antioxidant fuel it needs to protect itself, support cognitive health, fight oxidative stress, enable better fat metabolism, support healthy cholesterol levels and gain a more youthful appearance!

You can view my website for all the awesome ingredients as well as placing an order. Just a reminder when you start take only half the scoop or stick to start until your body gets used to it.  It’s simply such an amazing product. As busy as I am, I felt obligated to share it with my friends and family and have seen many amazing testimonials in the process.  You won’t regret trying out these products!

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