At Beautycounter, we’re leading the charge in setting the highest standards for beauty. Safety isn’t just a priority for us – it’s a fundamental principle. With our rigorous screening process, we’ve identified over 2,800 ingredients that have no place in our formulations. We call this The Never List™. But we don’t stop there. Every ingredient is scrutinized against our stringent criteria to ensure we deliver nothing short of clean beauty excellence. 

I’m immensely proud to be associated with the forefront of clean beauty advocacy. Educating about personal care products and ingredients is not just a passion – it’s our commitment to consumer safety. In an industry that has seen little regulation since 1938, Beautycounter is making waves. We’ve spearheaded the passage of 16 state laws and one federal law, and we are just getting started. 

Our products are not only clean but also beautiful and effective. I’m excited to partner with you to kickstart your journey toward cleaner living. Explore and learn more with me by shopping at 

Let’s make the switch to clean beauty together!

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