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Are you looking for improvement in any of these areas of you life?

• Help with stress relief? • Chance for improved financial security?
• Improvement in quality of sleep? • Boosting your immune system?
• Help with anxiety? • Healthier looking skin?
• Help with weight loss? • Trouble focusing or concentrating?
• Relief of minor aches or pains
(e.g., after exercise)?
• Difficult issues with your pet?

Let us help! …..Whether you’re looking for gold standard CBD and other cutting edge hemp-derived products and  non-hemp-derived health supplements, or looking for a unique business opportunity that lets you work from anywhere and at any pace, Zilis has what you need!  As Independent Ambassadors for Zilis, we would love to help you find the path to physical and/or financial well-being.

What is Zilis?

Zilis (pronounced zi-‘lēs) is a CBD and health supplement company that was founded in 2015 as a “Pay it Forward” company, to address malnutrition among children and other needs around the world. With the Ultra Family suite of products, which provide complete endocannabinoid system support, Zilis is at the forefront of a movement away from treating diseases and illnesses after they occur, toward preventing them from occurring, to the greatest extent possible.

What’s an Endocannabinoid System (ECS)?

The ECS is a system of receptors which are found in every organ and system in our bodies.  Its purpose is to maintain a stable and balanced internal environment, called homeostasis.  When the ECS isn’t functioning optimally, our overall wellness can be affected.  The ECS is fueled by cannabinoids, some of which are produced in our bodies.  There are many factors that can cause the body to become unbalanced, and when that happens, it needs support from external sources in order to have a healthy level of cannabinoids. The cannabinoids from hemp are an almost perfect fit to the receptors designed for endocannabinoids made in the body.

Zilis UltraCell gold standard CBD products – what sets us apart?

The key factor that sets the Zilis Ultra brand products apart from all others is their extraordinarily high bioavailability – that is, how much your body can absorb.  Zilis products are made using proprietary UltraCell technology, which gives them at least 10 times the absorption of other brands of hemp-derived products.  In an independent study carried out at the Mayo Clinic, 20 test subjects were found to have absorbed 80-94% of the cannabinoids in UltraCell CBD oil, and it stayed in their bodies at those levels for at least 12 hours.  Other brands are typically absorbed at a rate between 3% and 8%.  This means that you can use less UltraCell than other products and get the same or even better benefits, which saves you money.

And why is UltraCell absorbed better than other brands?

Because Zilis developed a way to make the oil water-soluble. We all know that oil and water don’t mix, and our bodies are made up of about 60% water.  Because UltraCell is water-soluble, the cannabinoids can lock onto the endocannabinoid system receptors much more quickly and efficiently.

What else?

UltraCell CBD and UltraCBG are full-spectrum hemp extracts, meaning that they contain all of the more than 400 useful compounds found in hemp.  The recently released Precision Spectrum products harness the unique power of the minor cannabinoids such as CBN, CBC, CBDV, and THCV, and use them to target specific needs such as rest and regeneration, mood improvement, weight management, and physical coordination.  UltraCell CBD is available in 3 flavors – berry, lemon, and “raw” (no added sweeteners) – as well as in a topical cream and as a powder that can be mixed with your favorite beverage and sipped throughout the day.

Are you done yet?

Not quite.  All of Zilis’s hemp-derived products are certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority, and every batch of every product is independently tested.  The test results are reported in a Certificate of Analysis, which you can get by scanning the QR-code found on every package.  Zilis’s researchers are leading the way in the CBD industry in terms of innovation, quality standards, and adherence to clean, organic principles.  We are on a mission to improve your health and boost your immune system!

Specifics by category:

Health Management

Our Endocannabinoid Systems are like fingerprints: each person’s is unique.  And the benefits we get from CBD and CBG are equally unique, according to what our bodies need.  In general, CBD and CBG provide immune system support, promote healthy sleep, relieve pain (especially from sports or joint aches), and make it easier to deal with situational stress.  They provide cognitive support, letting you concentrate and stay focused, and help you stay positive.  Many people have found that CBD helps relieve anxiety, especially as it relates to performing, public speaking, or taking exams.  And CBG combines particularly well with the ECS receptors that support good digestive health.

There is also a line of Precision Spectrum hemp-derived products targets more specific needs.  UltraR&R (CBN oil) promotes the body’s ability to recover and regenerate, an essential part of sleep.  UltraBliss (CBC oil) promotes elevated mood and supports your body’s production of its own cannabinoids.  UltraReVV (CBDV and THCV) supports healthy weight management and your body’s ability to perform by optimizing communication between the brain, muscles, and bones.

In addition to these products, Zilis has a line of gold standard supplements including liquid vitamins ADK, B12, and C, as well as Glutathione, Magnesium, and Zinc.  These liquids are all made with the same UltraCell technology for maximum absorption.  Our Collagen Complex and revolutionary Biotix formula come in vegetarian-friendly, digestive-resistant capsules for optimal utilization.

Weight Management

The newest product of Zilis!! It supports healthy weight management, a healthy immune system, deeper sleep during restless nights, and help with situational stress. The ground-breaking UltraGlow powder sticks! And you’ll love the delicious natural acai-flavored powder and the grab-and-go stick packaging.

Beauty and Skin Care

The Lishé product line is a wonderful addition to your beauty routine.  This cutting-edge skincare line, featuring three skin-benefiting cannabinoids and carefully selected skincare ingredients to revitalize, hydrate, and promote the look of youthful skin! There are also a host of supplements to round off your routine, such as Vitamin ADK, Biotix, Vitamin B12, and Glutathione, all of which promote a beautiful complexion.

And let’s not forget the unbeatable Collagen complex! For younger looking hair, skin, and nails, try our vegetarian-friendly Collagen Complex capsules, which are a blend of collagen type 1, hyaluronic acid, biotin, and aloe vera gel extract.

Nutritional Health

People are more concerned about their health than ever before. Using supplements to optimize our nutrition and boost our immune systems makes a great deal of sense!  Zilis has an unbeatable array of cutting-edge supplements that can do a great deal for promoting your good health and well-being. The Ultrascience behind these products ensures fast and efficient absorption.

Holistic Health

There are eight main aspects of holistic health: physical wellness, emotional wellness, social wellness, spiritual wellness, intellectual wellness, occupational wellness, financial wellness, and environmental wellness.

Here’s how Zilis and the Ultra products tie in with each of these.

  1. Physical wellness: With Zilis’s array of hemp-based products, boosters, and supplements, there is no doubt that understanding their specific benefits and using them accordingly will greatly impact your physical wellness, and perhaps the physical wellness of your loved ones and friends as well.
  2. Emotional wellness: It is commonly known (and I have experienced it personally) that CBD helps take the edge off anxiety, which is often the root of a negative state of mind. UltraCell CBD combined with UltraCBG or UltraBliss is targeted and supports a positive state of mind. UltraBliss supports a blissful state by increasing levels of your own endocannabinoids, including Anandamide, which is also known as the Bliss Molecule. You will feel the results!
  3. Social wellness: Becoming an ambassador for Zilis immediately makes you a part of a large supportive family. You are constantly interacting with your “upline”, your “downline” and of course your prospects.  Zilis is a fantastic conversation starter!
  4. Spiritual wellness: Spirituality is a highly individualized concept.  Everyone has their own way of fueling their spirituality. But many approaches are centered on the idea of being a part of something far greater than yourself. Positively impacting the world is indeed a spiritual mission. Zilis impacts the world positively, both with their products and their pay-it-forward concept.
  5. Intellectual wellness: Delving into the science of Zilis, their cutting-edge innovations, and the fascinating revolution of the ECS is intellectually stimulating! The more we learn, the more we want to know. The more we know, the prouder we are to be a part of Zilis!
  6. Occupational wellness:  Many of us think of our work as a way to maintain our lifestyle, putting food on the table and paying the bills.  But what if your occupation could give you the feeling of making a positive contribution to people’s lives every single day? We have yet to encounter anyone who was not positively impacted by the Ultra products of Zilis. It is not hard to LOVE this job, and the goodness you spread as an independent Ambassador is highly motivating.
  7. Financial wellness: You will not find a more lucrative and generous social marketing opportunity than Zilis.  There are 7 ways to earn, including generous bonus plans.  You earn while you work and while you sleep.  You can establish a flow of residual income that will never stop, even after you quit actively working.
  8. Environmental wellness: The pharmaceutical industry is linked to a growing number of environmental problems. Since pharmaceuticals are specifically designed to cause desired pharmacological effects in living organisms, it is not surprising that a growing body of literature has shown that pharmaceutical residues are having adverse effects on wildlife and the ecosystem health. We believe that a shift towards taking natural remedies to prevent illness will lead to a decrease in the demand for pharmaceuticals, as well as the burden on the environment. Zilis is environmentally committed to strict organic regulations, and provides extensive, transparent quality assessment reports. Your mission to tell the world about Zilis will benefit the environment!

Pet Care

Having a pet that you love is like having another family member.  Our pets are so important to us, and they are highly sensitive to our stress levels and mood swings. Emotional stress in our pets can manifest itself as separation anxiety, fear of loud noises, digestive issues, or even nervous twitching. And of course, many pets suffer from pain issues.  Salmon-flavored UltraCell Pet, a CBD product formulated especially for animals, is endorsed by many veterinarians across the globe as a wonderful way to support your pet’s health and well-being.  Great for dogs, cats, birds, even horses!

Career/Financial Freedom

Consumer spending is shifting worldwide toward natural, plant-based products that promote and support good health.  This is an excellent time to be in the market offering highest quality CBD and related products.  Zilis offers a uniquely generous compensation plan with 7 potential streams of income, including an unbeatable bonus program and free product rewards.  It’s a great way to establish long-lasting residual income, or even launch a full-time business if you want.  You are in control and can work as much or as little as you like and from any location.  Contact us for more details!

We would love to talk with you and get you started on the path to well-being! Get in touch with us now!

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