Voxxlife Human Performance Technology; Wearable Neurotechnology. The Neuro-Path to Faster Wellness.

A drug-free, non-invasive, and non-electrical health solution that has resolved quite a few of my chronic issues and those of my family and friends.

Some of the many benefits that children, parents, family and friends receive include…


  • Reduced anxiety
  • Increased focus
  • Improved energy & stamina
  • Improved balance, agility, and reaction time
  • Optimized Sleep Quality
  • Optimized Immunity Systems

Hi-I’m Marla Koupal.  I wear Voxxlife products 24/7 for brain support, energy, stamina and focus.  Each day starts with a fresh pair of Neuro Socks, then I step into shoes with Neurotech insoles, and roll up my sleeves to put on my Neurotech e-Smartr Sleeve (controls anxiey, provides focus).  Before bed, I add a REM PATCH at the base of my neck and get the best sleep I’ve had in 26 years. With improved sleep my focus and memory are REALLY improving. Every other day I add a 48-hour Immunity Optimization Patch to my upper arm. I’m a fully optimized well-being.  I am at my OPTIMIZED BEST.

I am a brain care advocate.  I started in 2012 when I needed to find solutions no one else could give me and this product was not yet available.  I had 2 head injuries and because I did not “pass out” it was determined I was not concussed.  FYI, you can be concussed and not pass out.

I had to quit my career as a Master Trainer & Curriculum Designer, because I could not focus, concentrate or trouble shoot anymore.  As a solutions-oriented person I reinvented my business and service goals to help myself and others with similar issues.   After receiving my Certifications in LENS and Healing Touch and opening a practice, I then found Voxxlife.  2017. This simple product line brought me the most change and the most needed results.   

Within days

  • I was stable and balanced; living without the fear of falling
  • I was hiking again after 15 years of not hiking
  • I was falling asleep, staying asleep, and if I woke up I could go back to sleep.  I get 8-9 hours of restful sleep after 26 years of sleep deprivation. (P.S., my husband will tell you I am less argumentative)

After these results, my choice to help others gain and regain their potentials became a Mission.

My husband is a tax accountant and wears all the same products to manage energy, stamina and stress of tax seasons.  My son wears all products to improve his gym workouts and to stay sharp while working two jobs.

Who is Voxxlife?  We are a family-owned company inspired to help 1 Billion people reach their wellness potential.  Our founder, Jay Dahliwal’s mother was diagnosed with MS was paralyzed immediately after when he was 13-years old.  He took care of her and his two siblings before and after school; bathing, dressing, meals, and went to school.  At 14 he missed the bus and had to run home 4 miles to take care of Mom and he was angry with the doctor’s and swore he would help his mother get better.

Fast forward 20 years later, at 38, he had the money to fund the research—6 years studying neuroscience and quantum math until he discovered the “pattern” that is now called Neurotechnology.  Dr. Robert Carrick, a leading force in Neurofeedback, inventor, international educator, and resource for the Army & the Air Force says this technology will change neuroscience for the next 100 years.

Mrs. Dhaliwal, uses this technology and now has upper body mobility again.  It is her wish that we help 1Billion people and those of us on the ONE TEAM, VOXXLIFE TEAM, Love and support this mission.

Careers:  We have an amazingly simple marketing plan and team coaches.  The first ever Voxxlife Associate, leads training sessions for us when needed, and we have access to the Research Doctor for personal team calls.  What more can you ask for and we have support teams to resource whenever you need them.

  • Wear the product until you see some difference and then discuss the Business Opportunity.  Why? The proof is in the pudding.  These are not products that can be easily sold without a personal experience, but the “proof” does not take long, maybe a few days.
  • Parties:  If you want to earn product for you and your family we have an online Party structure, videos and fun to help you get the experience you need before deciding if this business is for you.
  • Weekly Webinars, you invite your guests and follow up.  We will talk about the technology until you are comfortable to do so.  Review the calendar for up coming Zoom events.
  • Team Facebook page and Weekly Corporate Training Calls and Calls with the Owner
  • Resources, Videos and “themed landing pages” in 2021
  • The pay plan is simple, non-binary, and generous.  No penalties build into the system, no binaries to balance, etc.

Marla’s Background: Low Energy Neurofeedback Practitioner, Certified Healing Touch, Educator, Public, Private and Corporate, Innovation Facilitation. Team Lead and Diamond with Richway International for 15 years. Voxxlife Director and Team Lead 4 years.

Start your research here.

Visit https://marla.voxxlife.com 


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Channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6GZLPFB67dNNXXWNzJGQlA

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