Hi, busy Moms and Dads this is Cat from Cats Crazy Pearls, an independent consultant with Vantel Pearls. I’m here to tell you all about what I do. I shuck oysters to reveal one of a kind pearls to get set in jewelry of your choice from the catalog.

The pearls range in colors and no two are exactly alike. They also range in sizing as well, the smallest being 5.5mm and the largest 9mm, and you never know what size will come out!

In the catalog we have a range of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings to add your wonderful pearls to. For each one you can pick a white pearl or take your chances and see what your oyster will give you. For the earrings you will need to have a set of twin pearls from one oyster in order to get them shucked for you. If you don’t get a set of pearls for them you can always chose; white, pink or peacock black to be set in them for you. Most of the time the best way to get earrings if you want to shuck for them is to wait until twins come up and then order the earrings so you know you will have them.

The catalog changes twice a year, and gets a mini add on between that. There are also some specials that pop up from time to time so check back often to see what is new. I will be keeping the facebook page up to date on all specials and new pieces.

I go live to shuck the oysters every Monday at 6pm on my facebook page facebook.com/catscrazypearls. On my lives I will show off the piece of jewelry you got from the catalog, most likely just a picture unless I personally have one; I will roll the dice to see how many tickets you will get in the monthly drawing; if I’m doing prizes for that party I will show you what you won; and then I will shuck your pearl and show it off to you.

I have two prizes going at the moment, a #sprinklethelove and a monthly prize. I have a #sprinklethelove prize which is everytime you share my live during or after my live and you tell me I will put your name in the drawing. If you can get a person to order from me off your sprinkle I will put your name in the drawing a second time. All they have to do is tell me that you sent them. I call it #sprinklethelove because facebook doesn’t like to hear the word share on a live.

The monthly drawing is everytime you order. I will roll the dice to see how many tickets with your name on them will go into the drawing for a special prize of the month. These prizes are a mystery prize. For some of my parties I will also be using my prize wheel, some of the prizes on wheel are a $25 gift card, shuck again (if you like the second pearl better you can trade it out), spin again, and free shipping off your next order.

If you have any questions please message me on my facebook page and I will answer them for you.

This QR code will bring you to my facebook page where you can see what is happening with Cats Crazy Pearls. You can also order from my active party right from my facebook page by using the shop now button. Please like and follow my page to keep i the loop of what is happening with Cats Crazy Pearls.

This QR Code will bring you right to my vantel page where you can look to see what is on that catalog. It will give you more information about Vantel pearls and what it’s all about. If you want to place an order please do so thru my facebook page so it will be included in the active party. If you happen to forget and place it from this code I can move it over to the party for you as well.

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