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Hi… My name is Cathy Budjenska.  I’m a wife, a mother and a Nana to some wonderful “grandies”.  My life’s work has been a bit diversified ~ I’ve been a Fashion Designer, I am a Naturopathic Nutritionist, and I am a Registered Nurse (Surgical Specialist).   While working as a Naturopathic Nutritionist, I was always being asked, “If you could sell me only one bottle of something in this store… What would it be?”  Every single time, I would tell the person ~ PROBIOTICS!

TrūAura Beauty – Not just CLEAN, but MICROBIOME HEALTHY and PROBIOTIC FORMULAS.  TrūAura’s Founder saw the need for Basic Skincare, Advanced Repair Skincare Treatments and Makeup to be the CLEANEST OF CLEAN… but not only Clean ~~ Also Microbiome Friendly ~~ Clean and Healthy… Probiotic Based! 

Most everyone on the planet is familiar with Probiotics, but you might now be asking yourself, “What is Microbiome and what does it have to do with my skin.  It has EVERYTHING to do with your skin.  Your Microbiome is the “ECOSYSTEM” that together… creates Your Unique Skin.   As the LARGEST organ in your body, your Skin’s Microbiome makes up more than ½ of your human genome (Another reason to nourish your skin).  This microscopic world connected to our bodies is responsible for regulating THE SKIN’S BARRIER FUNCTION, thus protecting us from pathogens, toxins and other environmental factors. It also affects the skin’s appearance, which is why microbiome skin care has become a fast-growing category in the beauty realm.  Thanks, a great deal to TrūAura Beauty.

At TrūAura, we believe that every person should feel confident in the products they use.  That is why our stringent product development process excludes over 9,000 ingredients that are known or suspected to be harmful to your overall well-being.  Our products are never tested on animals and we always seek to create out products responsibly, with minimal environmental impact.

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