Ready for some real fun? Invite your friends and family and host a wine tasting right in the comfort of your home! At our wine tastings, you’ll sip, learn, and laugh your way through amazing wines. I aim to demystify wine for the everyday wine drinker by teaching people how to enjoy wine, how to select the right wine for them, and how to pair wine with food. I bring the authentic winery experience into your living room with our exclusive, high-quality wines – – and we have lots of fun!

How does it work? Simple! You invite your friends and I bring 5 FREE bottles to your tasting. I will work with you to plan the perfect party snacks to pair with the wine. We will sip & shop award-winning wines at budget-friendly prices – $14 to $25 – crafted with your tastes in mind and sold exclusively by Traveling Vineyard. Our wines are then shipped right to your door! As the host, you will earn rewards on your purchase, including special offers on our REWINED wine subscription, free wine, and other amazing discounts.

Ready to host your own wine tasting? You can contact me by phone, email, text, or Facebook!

About myself:

My name is Pete Aiksnoras and I am a Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard. I have been with Traveling Vineyard for almost three years and I love being able to teach people how to truly enjoy wine. Our tastings are simple and lots of fun…..and our wines are amazing!

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