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Trades of Hope is a Fair Trade organization helping women overcome poverty through the creation of sustainable jobs providing reliable income.

Our artisans are in 16 different countries across the globe, as well as the United States. The women collect 100% of their products’ cost before it hits our website. Trades of Hope strictly adheres to the Fair Trade Act to guarantee the best outcome for our artisans.

When you shop with us, you:

❤︎ Empower women mired in the cycle of poverty working to transform their communities.

❤︎ Contribute to the education of young women facing discrimination that prohibits their schooling.

❤︎ Partner with and aid survivors healing from the abuses of human trafficking.

❤︎ Help to provide clean water, fight child marriage, and create jobs for individuals of all abilities.

Your purchases not only provide women income, but also fund health care and social development programs.

Trades of Hope goes above and beyond to provide fair wages and safe working conditions to help families survive. We are committed to ethical production and business practices, and we encourage positive social change in our artisans’ communities.

Examples of our artisans’ beautiful work include:

? Jewelry

? Apparel

? Handbags & Totes

? Holiday Collections

?️ Home Goods & Gifts

You can shop by country or cause!

I value my Partnership with Trades of Hope and have enjoyed wearing, sharing, and creating an impact for women everywhere. I would love to share more about our products, our culture, our mission, and how you can also be a part of a great global cause.

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