Welcome to Thrive Life! My name is Holly Hardy and I am a mother of 11 beautiful children and have been in this amazing company with my home based business for over 13 years! I LOVE it! To have healthy, convenient, delicious food options for my family as well as contribute to our family’s income from home, has been such a blessing! Thrive food is so much more to me than simply amazing delicious, healthy food…it is truly peace of mind. Our Thrive freeze dried food lasts 25 years in a sealed can and 1-2 years once you open in, on your shelf in the pantry! (Refrigeration is not needed) Knowing you have food on hand that you would wish for, dream of in a time of need, and that you have it NOW and Later, 25 years later! That is a peace of mind that is priceless. To be better prepared and self reliant in our health and preparedness and to share that with others, is my passion!

So what are MY favorite foods? Our meats, cheeses, tomato sauce, vegis, fruits, dairy, our entrees and basics! Gosh, I cannot name a specific! They are all of such value to me. When you shop for the first time you will have the option to add your items to your Delivery…you want this option! You will get FREE shipping over $100 and you will always get the lowest sale price. YOU are in charge of your account and can order one month and then if desired pause your account, or continue each month so you build your food reserves on a consistent basis.

As my customer you have your very own lifelong personal customer referral link! When you share this link with those you know you are able to earn FREE THRIVE FOOD!!! You will earn 10% back in free food, from every first order when one of your contacts purchases off your link. What a way to share and BUILD your own HomeStore!

You can also click on JOIN and become a Consultant as well! This gives you the rights to earn FREE food PLUS Commissions as you share at whatever level you want to share! On your second months order you then will become your OWN customer and earn commission off your purchases as well. When you become a consultant you have the best of both worlds! You will earn FREE Thrive food PLUS commissions too! What better business could you do?? 3 options on starter kits, and these all come with your food, your business is free! It simply blows my mind. So start your monthly Delivery and start adding each month to your very own HomeStore, then become a consultant and have best of both worlds. I am here for you:). Best, Holly Hardy

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