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Hi, my name is Dawn; I am an Independent Consultant with The Body Shop At Home™.  I am a mother of two, with a full-time job and an avid volunteer.  Even with everything else I have going on in my life, there is a lot, I was so excited to start my business with The Body Shop At Home™ again.  I LOVE the products and the company.  You may be wondering why I said “again”.  Well quick story…..I was a consultant years ago, in the early 2000s.  The Body Shop At Home™ was bought out and the new owners closed the At Home division.  In 2017 it was bought by a company who had the same values and outlook as our founder Anita Roddick.  They have brought the At Home Division back.  We just re-launched on June 1, 2020! So exciting!!  What an amazing opportunity to join a Ground Floor opportunity with a well-established, well-known brand.


About the Company:
A little about The Body Shop™ : We offer cruelty-free make-up, skincare, and hair care products. The At Home allows consultants to bring those products directly to our customers via our personal websites. We offer spa parties, in-home or virtually.

A little background: Anita Roddick started The Body Shop™ in 1976 with her belief that business could be a force of good. In 1994 Anita created The Body Shop At Home™ to help equip people to achieve just that. The company was sold to when she passed. In 2017, we found a new home with other like-minded souls at Natura and Aesop. We’re now part of Natura & Co, a global cosmetics group committed to cruelty-free beauty and ethical business. Together, we’re working hand in hand to make beauty a force for good.

The Body Shop At Home™ has returned to the US after 12 years!! I was super excited to hear it was coming back. We are a globally recognized and ethical brand. The Body Shop™ products are 100% vegetarian, have never been tested on animals. We pioneered Trade not Aid in 1987; when you purchase from me or become part of this company, you are helping to support our Community Fair Trade partners around the globe.

The Body Shop™ just won the 2020 Vogue Beauty Award’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Empowering Women. Just one of the many reasons I love this company.


Be part of something great. It is more than just a job; it is a beauty movement!  What an amazing opportunity to join a Ground Floor opportunity with a well-established well-known brand.

Join a group of passionate, diverse and empowered people around the globe. You get to share these wonderful beauty products that not only make you and your customers feel good, but also do good.

There is constant training and resources provided to us, the support is amazing.  You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

How much you earn is up to you, whether you want a side-hustle or full-time business; the sky’s the limit.

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