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We’re a funky little winery and wine club that does wine differently. We feature monthly curated clubs ( as well as à la carte and auto-sip), hand selected by our sommelier. We bring those vintages straight to your living room. And, most importantly we only deal in wines that are clean, free of additives and naturally delicious.

Meet Sarah Shadonix our founder

This attorney-turned sommelier began experiencing mysterious wine headaches after just a glass a night. She consulted doctors and vintners, doing all the research she could. Finally, she discovered the culprit, wine additives, sugar, preservatives, sulfites and pesticides. So, she began scouting wines around the world that were created without additives. The result – delicious, clean-crafted wines. Oh and I forgot to mention, lab-tested twice to assure nothing but grapes soil to sip.

Sarah started Scout & Cellar to share her discoveries and spread the clean-crafted word. Because not only are they better for you, they’ll change the way you experience wine for good. It has been a game-changer for me!

Meet me – I’m Nichelle Armstrong, an Independent Wine Consultant for Scout and Cellar. I’m a full-time French teacher and a mom to three boys. I fell in love with this wine and immediately became a wine club member. Two weeks later, I called the representative who had the wine tasting and asked if I could become a consultant. I never realized I could create additional income for my family, I just enjoyed the wine. In the just under two years I’ve been with Scout & Cellar I have been introduced to a wonderfully positive community of wine lovers, a business that is ready-to-go,  that I can do in the pockets of my day, a second cash flow – and of course the ability to share delicious wine!

Opportunities for you…

  • become a customer and try the clean-crafted difference
  • host an online or in person wine tasting
  • become a wine consultant, like me 🙂

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