Hi y’all Merri Ann here… loving life and living the dream as wife, mother and entrepreneur of this fabulous company!!! As I said I’m a married mom of three grown children who make me proud everyday with their accomplishments and pure zest for life and all it has to offer… working as an accountant by day I needed something else in my life now that all my babes were grown and living their lives so I decided to start up a couple of side gigs to keep my creative juices flowing so to speak… and to keep myself busy cause frankly, after being a single mom for a long time of three very active kids with sports and extracurricular activities you feel kinda lost without all the hustle!!!

Sass n Frass is an amazing company that truly has something for everyone!!! Come & be a part of this growing company through purchasing products & watching us grow to become a name everyone knows and loves as a reliable direct sales company operating right here in the USA 🇺🇸 from the owners home in North Carolina!!! Cute name, right? Well, they are an amazing wife & husband team running the show & creating beautiful customized products for anyone on your shopping list for birthdays, graduations, holidays & special occasions.

Yup that’s right they’ve got something for everyone and they operate right here in the US!!! No more waiting weeks for products to get here from overseas. Buy your merchandise from a company that takes pride in their products and works tirelessly to create uniques items for everyone on your shopping list!!!

So come on over and look at all that they have to offer; customized tumblers with so many unique designs to choose from, t-shirts that are super cute, soft, lightweight and will show off your personality with cool sayings and graphics, so many different designs of car coasters, bath products, hand towels, air fresheners, puzzles, gift items, sippy cups, makeup/pencil/accessory bags, jewelry, koozies, mugs,  ornaments, puzzles & more all with such cute designs… there truly is something for everyone even the kiddos!!!

And if you’ve ever had the desire to make money from home, work at your one pace, on your time, with no quotas to meet, no fees to pay, and you can do  everything from your phone while on the go with the kids, at the park, at sports practice then I’ve got an opportunity for you!!! Reach out to me via email and we can start you on your journey to earn money right from the comfort of your own home while living life and taking care of your day to day routine!!! No signup fees, no starter kit… just a desire to show your love for our products by sharing them with others and a willingness to market them to your friends & family in person and online. If interested just email me!!!

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