My name is Lisa G and I’ve been a Sabika Collector for over 10 years.  I built my current collection one necklace, one bracelet, and one set of earrings at a time…and YOU CAN TOO!

SABIKA is not just a jewelry company.  We are a company by women for everyone, our jewelry unlocks opportunities, inspires joyful confidence and celebrates the unique beauty in all of us!  I became a consultant because I loved the idea of owning my own business and working along side other like minded women who share the same passion that I do!  We are a sisterhood.  We are Sabika!

Each season there is always something NEW and those must haves!  But what is so unique about our jewelry, besides the quality, is that you have the opportunity to mix and match with your older pieces.  Be bold!  Mix colors, metals, and designs!  Become uniquely YOU!   I am always so inspired by what my customers come up with!

My personal collection brings me a lot of Sparkle & Joy and I would love to help YOU build your own collection!



At the age of 50, Karin Mayr founded Sabika with the sole purpose to care for her family.  She was determined to build a company that connects women from all communities.  Her compassion and love have become the cornerstone of Sabika, elevating our product, our services, and each connection we make with our Sabika Family.




ALMI is a combination of sisters Alex and Miram.  Like all sisters, Alex and Miram have very individual styles and personalities, but through ALMI there are elements of each of them in every one of the designs offered.  This collection represents women like you who are busy and on-the-go, juggling family and work and whatever else the day may throw at you.  This line of jewelry lets you feel like YOU in any situation.




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We have created this directory for moms (and of course dads too!) and hope that you will share it with your friends and we will become your “one stop” search engine.

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