My name is Alice Troncillito, and I have been a Registered Representative with Primerica for almost 10 years.  At Primerica, we help families become financially secure by providing middle-income families access to essential financial services, we are committed to helping Main Street families become properly protected, debt-free and financially independent.  We are a one-stop shop financial supermarket with home delivery!

For more than 45 years, we’ve looked out for middle-income families. By helping them learn the principles of personal finance, reduce their consumer debt, plan for the unexpected, and gain access to appropriate financial products and services, we’ve helped millions of people protect their families and save for the future.

We begin with plain-spoken education on important financial principles, provided by one of our many experienced representatives – whether or not a family buys something from us.  We protect families’ financial futures by offering affordable term life insurance.   We help families save for emergencies, retirement, education, and other important goals through straightforward financial products.

Free Financial Needs Analysis. Call today to schedule your customized Financial Needs Analysis at NO COST!  Our Financial Needs Analysis is a customized, confidential and complimentary program that helps you achieve your goals and dreams.  Call Alice at 845-527-8739 to schedule your appointment or schedule your appointment here:

Business opportunities:  If you’ve ever dreamed of having a business, being your own boss, setting your own schedule, and earning income that’s based on your own efforts not what an employer says you’re worth, then the Primerica Business Opportunity was built for you.

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