Hi! I’m Katie and your independent PetPro with Pawtree.

You are probably wondering what is pawTree? We are a customized pet nutrition company who’s mission is to fill the world with unconditional love where pets and their people thrive. For 6 years we have been doing just that!

Our CEO and founder Roger Morgan knew there was a BETTER WAY to pet nutrition. With nearly a decade of experience in the pet industry, he teamed up with veterinarians and nutritionists to launch a company that has solutions to our pets unique needs in an all natural and holistic way.

To find your pets personal recommendations:  https://www.pawtree.com/kmisko/petprofile

A little about me:

I’m a mom to four rescued fur babies (Phoebe, Ruger, Webley, and Lady).  I have always looked for better options for my fur babies, checking food and treats for the quality I wanted for them.

I had come across Pawtree at a dog event and thought, looks good to try.  Before my order arrived my little girl, Phoebe, became extremely ill. My vet sent us on to a speciality hospital in hopes that it wouldn’t be as bad as thought.  Phoebe stayed in the hospital for 4 days with a feeding tube, IV’s, and her zest to be her normal wiggle love bug was dimmed.  Once I got her home, her nutrition and health were my main priority, she wasn’t thrilled with the prescription diet but I kept with what the vets wanted.  I chatted with my now friend, Kim, about Pawtree and decided that it would truly be the fit for my pack.  I was skeptical, but I brought the information to my vet to give the ok for Phoebe to be gradually switched to Pawtree’s food.

After all of the research and thought, I joined the Pawtree family as a PetPro in November 2018.  Since joining, I have tried out some of the products with the rest of my pack with great success.  They each have their own favorites for treats and seasonings and I’m seeing the difference in each of them.  Just last month at Phoebe’s check up she got a clean bill of health and is back to herself before her illness.

I love having the opportunity to share and chat with other fur baby parents what Pawtree has to offer.  I look forward sharing with you and hearing about your fur babies!

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