Hello Moms,

My Name is ClaireMarie, I am a wife and a mama of 4 beautiful children and 1 Fur baby.

I joined Park lane Jewelry in 2012.  Basically, my son put me on the spot in front of the rep and 9 years later and still loving it.

Park Lane offers me the flexibility to work when I want. I do not need to have inventory, unless of course you can’t get enough jewelry!! That WOULD BE ME! It has given me the option to work from home and stay at home and be more of a hands on mama!

Park Lane Jewelry has given me more confidence as not only as a mom but as a woman to love yourself and get up every day get dress and as my late Aunt Anna would say, don’t forget to put on your lipstick on.


 Your 50 % Fundraiser needs to be approved by the Home Office.  After submitting the document(s) to Park Lane, you will receive approval within 2 business days.  You’ll find instructions on the Fundraiser Form.


Orders placed by customers on a fundraiser are processed for fulfillment

and shipping as soon as the individual customer order is placed.

The master Fundraiser Order is processed for commission and donation upon

the Stylist closing the Fundraiser Order from their site. Fundraisers must be closed out within 45 days of opening.


  • How & when will the Charity receive their 50% donation?
    • As soon as the Stylist (REP) submits the fundraiser, home Office processes it for commissions and a check is sent to the charity the very next week.
  • Can customers use the 2&4 sale or promotions with 50% fundraiser?
    • Since 50% of the sales go back to the organization, all product is sold at full retail.
    • Sales nor bonus items are offered.
  • Is there a minimum fundraiser amount?
    • There is no minimum requirement on a fundraiser. In the spirt of giving, no amount is too small!

If you have any questions or concerns before submitting Park Lane Fundraiser Application, please call or text ClaireMarie Masih 631-525-9143

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