Hello!  My name is Wendy Harrell, and I’m your personal consultant for Olive Tree People!

I would LOVE to tell you what makes our company stand out from all the rest!
We are a 19 year old holistic ? wellness & beauty brand from Europe, that will be fully launching on June 11th 2023 in the US!!

We are the PIONEER in the industry of waterless skin care! Waterless skincare IS where the skincare industry customers will be in 10 years, which business will you choose?

I challenge you to do a bathroom check! Look at your current skin care, and if water is the first ingredient, that means it is up to 70% water, which is a filler with no active ingredients! That also means they need another 10-25% of added preservatives and refined oils that are harmful to the skin! Our secret? Seven years of comprehensive development into our olive tree elixir.. (Derived from pressing olive leaves, not to be confused with olive oil). This is what replaces that up to 95% of other brands dead fillers!

? Our brand uses this elixir as their first ingredient in all of their skin care, instead of water like most skin care companies on the market! This ingredient is bioactive and filled with a powerful antioxidant called hydroxytyrosol! (Google it, you won’t be sorry)!

? We have dozens of proven products with an 84% return customer order rate – in other words, THEY WORK! The Oliveda brand has been featured in multiple magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Glamour & Cosmo as well as endorsed by celebrities!

? We also have a 365-day money back guarantee. That is how much our company stands behind their products! Our customers are GLOWING from the inside out, with improved gut health, skin health, anti-aging, antioxidants, plumping benefits, and more!

Also, how cool is this?! All the water that our company saves by not using it in our products? They build water wells in Africa to offer them a clean water source!

Watch the below short video about our story, and then follow the link to browse our amazing products! You can also take the Olive Brain Quiz that can help get you started with which products are right for you!  I’m always here to help you with questions, so feel free to contact me! Please use my email above, but please include “OTP” in the subject line so I don’t miss it!  Welcome to Olive Tree People and Oliveda!

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