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Is the QUALITY of water your family drinks and bathes in important to you? 









PiMag (Living Water) Waterfall System

I can help you find the right solution—great tasting, purified, alkaline and energized water. 

As a Self Care Mentor with Nikken, my job is to educate and consult with you about simple choices to create a healthier life for you and your family.  We offer solutions that make good sense.  Like improving your hydration with the quality of water you drink and bathe in, providing the most advanced technology in air filtration for your home, improving your quality of sleep, enhancing your everyday energy, speeding up your recovery from stress and injury, and providing whole-food organic nutrition and Eco-Cert organic skincare.  Everyday choices can ensure a healthier mind, body, and family!

As Mom’s we intuitively trust Mother Nature.  The Nikken Wellness Home is like a greenhouse for humans.  The Wellness Home products use science to replicate the wisdom of Mother Nature in your home.

Nikken makes Self Care simple!

Call or email me today for a free consultation and to save 15%.

404-431-1682 | sherri@sherridanzig.com

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