A New You Starts with Neumi and the power of GLUTATHIONE!

Hello moms and dads, grandmoms and moms to be! I am Lisa Smith, an Independent Brand Partner with Neumi, nice to meet you! I’m a retired Interior Decorator, an entrepreneur and a busy mom living in the Boston area with my husband and two teenagers, originally from Canada and happy to introduce you to Neumi!

You have probably heard the term BREAKTHROUGH right? In my opinion it’s a term used incorrectly all too often, what does it really mean? It is something that has been brought to market that has never been done before! This is exactly what Neumi is, a BREAKTHROUGH, utilizing our intellectual property delivery system,  hydrastat nano-technology, with the most important master antioxidant GLUTATHIONE! You can do your own research on pubmed.org on how important GLUTATHIONE really is for life and longevity but I’m here to help you understand how it can change your life from the inside and out.

People are experiencing tremendous results using our NutriSwish where it is helping to boost their immune system, discomfort levels, cognitive function, endurance, energy and the list goes on – oh did I mention our NeumiSkin treatment with hyaluronic acid, glutathione and collagen, that tackles fine lines and wrinkles, helps lift and firm your skin, fights skin aging pollutants and so on… It’s a gentle mist you apply to your skin, you’ll love the results, I’ve shared my before & after picture below along with an informative postcard.

Personally, I am thrilled with how it is helping me with my energy and endurance, discomfort level and that dreaded fog is gone, yes it’s gone! My whole family is using the NutriSwish and it is making a difference for all of us. Why not you!

I look forward to meeting you.

Lisa Smith

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