Hello everyone! My name is Savannah Smith and I am an independent Market Partner with Monat! My job consists of connecting with those who are looking to step up their hair game, creating personalized hair routines, providing products that work best for them, and then continuing to make sure my VIPS are getting they are getting the results they want! In other words, I am your personalized hair consultant!  I have shampoos and hair products that focus on specific hair flaws, but penetrates 3 layers deep into the scalp to overall transform your hair to the healthiest it has ever been! Our products are vegan, naturally based, high quality, and full of nutritious ingredients that nourish your hair from the inside out. Full of essential oils and botanical extracts, it cleanses the scalp of any chemicals and toxins clogging the pores, and allows your hair to grow naturally while receiving all of the nutrients it needs to grow stronger, thicker, stronger, and healthier than it’s ever been. So, whether you are struggling with hair loss, thinning, frizz, loss of curls, dullness, etc., Monat will target those concerns but give you so much more! To get started, contact me to take a free 5-minute hair quiz to let me know your hair type, primary concerns, and what your hair goals are and we will begin working to make them happen! I look forward to meeting you!

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