Blaze your own path. Steal the show. Lay on the couch in sweats. Take your kids to dance class. Grab brunch with the girls. Be whoever you want to be every damn day. We’re here to help you look and feel your best while you do it.

When I became a mom, it was challenging. Not enough people talk about how hard it is, how dramatically your world changes, or how you can lose yourself because you just created an amazing, tiny human.

When the opportunity to start my own boutique presented itself, I jumped on it. Literally-speaking, I jumped up and down. I thought about it for less than 24 hours before I knew signing up with Maverick, The Collection was right for me. It, like motherhood, has been one of the BEST risks I’ll ever take in my life. Running a business like this means leaving fear and doubt at the door. I’ve proven to myself that I can do ANYTHING that I set my mind to. I’ve overcome hurdles that should have shut down my business and lost countless nights of sleep making this work. How could I say no? No requirements to carry inventory and I can help women look AND feel their best, all while making money? Sign me up! Plus you can brand yourself – cue up The Barefoot Blazer Boutique.

Barefoot represents the real, down to earth, working mom that I am. But, that’s not all that I am. I also love getting dressed up to go out once in a while. That’s where the blazer comes in. (Of course, it’s not always an actual blazer, but you get the picture.)

Aren’t we all both barefoot and blazer? Sweatpants with no makeup on, and then a smokeshow in that new outfit as you hit the town or head to work. We sell clothes that can do it all. That’s what I have for you in the Barefoot Blazer, along with some gorgeous accessories to make you feel fabulous.

We are on a mission to help women (I’m looking at you mama!) look and feel their best. Treat yourself to a new outfit from Maverick, The Collection because you are a hardworking mom and boy do you deserve it! With new styles released 2-3 times a month, we always have new waiting for you. Our styles are versatile so you can wear them everywhere – the grocery store, date night, school pick-up, brunch with the girls and relaxing Saturdays around the house.

Want to learn more about Maverick, The Collection? Looking for something in particular or need some help choosing the best styles for you? Reach out anytime!

We also offer the opportunity to earn FREE clothes when you host a party! Not local to us? No problem! We also offer virtual pop-up shops. Contact me today to set one up!

Join our VIP group on FB for exclusive discounts, giveaways, and first looks at new styles before they even hit the shop. We would love for you to be part of the community!

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