I’m Katherine, and I am your Independent Lilla Rose Stylist!  I bought my first Lilla Rose Flexi Clip at a lavender festival, when I saw a clip with a paw print on it.  Being an avid animal lover, this caught my eye so I gave it a try.  I loved it so much that I got a few more clips, and then decided to share the love!  Lilla Rose creates beautiful, comfortable, and durable hair accessories.  Our hair accessories are great for all hair types and lengths.   There are hair accessories for all different occasions as well…from working out to going out, there’s something for everyone!  My hair has gotten so much healthier since using our hair accessories and essentials.  Even my hair stylist/colorist notices a difference every time I get my hair cut.  Less breakage, less split ends, and the days of headaches from some of those other hair clips/ties are gone!  I have been with the company for almost 5 years, and am grateful every day for being able to sell something I love, as well as having more time with family.  Visit www.lillarose.biz/katherinemock to see our current hair accessories and essentials.

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