Welcome to an Abundant Life! This life is full of good moods, soft pets that actually smell good (it’s really a thing!) and healthier skin! I started with Life’s Abundance because all of the other dog foods were good for a little while, then I saw deficiency in the dogs after a few months, again, and again. Brand after brand. I wanted a simple solution to provide excellent nutrition for my breeding dogs. Also, the possibility of making a little extra money AND having quality nutrition made me jump all in. I’m busy with work, my side buisnesses and my hobby farm. The last thing I need is a more complicated feeding regimen for the animals. The bonus of Life’s Abundance having human suppliments and customizable auto ship made it even simpler.. no brainer. Lets do it!

Life’s Abundance pet products are formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks, a world renown Holistic Veterinarian. These formulas provide the most nutritiously available and simple foods for our pets. No food coloring or dyes.. sugar or ingredients from antifreeze, road kill/euthanized animals will be found here. Really, that stuff is in a lot of other pet foods. You know what we have, real meat!

Our dry formulas contain a lab verifiable therapeutic amount of probiotics to help each pet get the most of their food and to help each busy mom take great care of their furry fam while keeping it simple and fast! Check your current pet food label. Does is say probiotics? Now the real test is…. does it list it in the guaranteed analysis? If it doesn’t, those probiotics don’t have to be alive. If they’re not alive, it’s like they’re not there at all. Why pay for dead probiotics?

If you have a specific concern with your pet, let me know. I am always happpy to give you a free health assessment and help determine what will help your pet the most.

Life’s Abundance also offers human suppliments.You get what you pay for isn’t just a saying, it’s the truth! Our suppliments are formulated by Keri Glassman,a nationally recognized celebrity nutritionist, registered dietician, healthy cooking expert and published author. She knows a thing or two about nutrition!

I personally use Life’s abundance products because I love them and I can literally feel and see a difference in myself and my fur babies (and my fur babies fur babies) when using their products.

If you have any questions, would like to take me up on the coupon I have posted exclusively to OneStopForMom.com…. or would just like to take a look at our testimonial group on FB to see what others are saying about our amazing products, let me know. I’m happy to oblige.



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