Hello and welcome to Lemongrass Spa Products!

I’m Karen Smith and I’d love to invite you along with us on the “Fresh, Clean & Natural” journey as you find incredibly effective, hand made, affordable natural skincare, body care, hair care, spa luxuries, Sheer Minerals makeup, and more for the whole family with Lemongrass Spa.

We are a 100% gluten free, use toxin free ingredients, are woman owned, eco-friendly, and a USA small business based in Colorado and Florida that still handmakes all our products even after 21 years in business. We use all natural and organic ingredients.

We focus our Giving Back campaigns through our Freedom Feet Campaign (veterans& active duty military), Loving Care Gift sets and Pink Healing Balms (cancer patients), Feeding America, and Human Kindness (victims of sex trafficking).

We chose to offer our healthy products through the direct sales method in order to enable our beloved customers a chance to earn free products or income if you chose to be a part of our incredible community.

I personally chose to become a part of Lemongrass Spa 6 years ago as a way for me to earn money while I left my corporate career behind and moved back into entrepreneurship. I found a lovely and supportive community in alignment with my personal goals of natural products that actually help people, affordability across the product line, and a healthy balance of running a business& giving to the community.  We have the best home office team, amazing conferences and leader retreats, spa trips, and much more that you can be a part of.

I’d like to offer you a personal invitation to join us; as a member of my team, you also have access to me as a business coach and international best selling author. I teach businesses how to make money and help people be successful beyond what they believed they could. Why not give Lemongrass Spa a try today? Trust your heart and reach out to me today; I’d be honored to help you along your own journey.

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