About Kitcheneez:

We don’t “just make spice mixes.” Our goal is to help families eat more meals at home by offering spice blends and mixes to make cooking at home easier than ever.  Each mix comes with complete directions on how to prepare them and what other ingredients are needed.  We package in re-sealable pouches so you can control how much you use, and the remainder will stay fresh. Our packaging protects our mixes from the sunlight which can drain flavor from spices. The sun can make spices tasteless and shortens their shelf life. Each mix has a suggested “Best By” Date printed on the back of the package. Our mixes are made from our recipes in small batches to ensure freshness. You can feel safe knowing that every effort has been made to bring you the very best and freshest products every time you order. We don’t add peanuts to any of our products. Because of the severity of peanut allergies, we don’t claim to be “a peanut free facility,”. Our ingredients may have had peanut contact before coming to us.  We have a wide variety of options for those looking for special diet needs. You can find mixes in many categories to purchase just what you’re looking for. Gluten free, Sugar free, Salt free, Soy free, All Natural and many more. We don’t use artificial sweeteners or add MSG to any of our products.

 About Me:

I came across Kitcheneez by attending a virtual vendor event on Facebook.  It was during the pandemic.  My family and I were getting tired of the same old dinners week in and week out.  I needed something different, and this seemed like it just might do the trick.  I ordered some mixes.  I then hosted an online facebook party for the Kitcheneez Consultant that I had met.  Dinners were becoming enjoyable again…something different.  And all I had to do was choose a protein or not and most other ingredients came straight from our pantry!  From then on, I was hooked.  I joined the company and still to this day will make a mix or two a week.  Just for something different!

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